De qui se moquait le journal satirique Charlie Hebdo?

Le Monde, February 24 – No, Charlie Hebdo is not obsessed with Islam.

What does it make fun of?

De qui se moquait le journal satirique Charlie Hebdo, avant que deux terroristes islamistes assassinent cinq caricaturistes et six autres personnes présentes à la conférence de rédaction du 7 janvier ? Est-il vrai que ce journal faisait preuve d’une « obsession » à l’encontre des musulmans, comme cela a pu être dit à la suite des attentats, notamment dans une tribune du Monde du 15 janvier 2015, à laquelle ont contribué plusieurs chercheurs ?

What did the satirical mag Charlie Hebdo make fun of before two Islamist terrorists assassinated five cartoonists and six other people at an editorial conference January 7th? Is it true that the mag displayed an “obsession” with Muslims, as was said after the attacks, including at a Le Monde forum January 15th to which several researchers contributed?

Well, look at the graphic. That doesn’t look like obsession to me.

Parmi les 38 « unes » ayant pour cible la religion, plus de la moitié vise principalement la religion catholique (21) et moins de 20 % se moquent principalement de l’islam (7). Les juifs, quant à eux, sont toujours raillés aux côtés des membres d’au moins une autre religion, comme l’islam dans le n°1057.

Among the 38 front pages that target religion, more than half are mostly Catholicism (21) and under 20% make fun mostly of Islam (7). The Jews, for their part, are always made fun of along with the followers of at least one other religion, such as Islam in number 1057.

Francine Prose and Michael Ondaatje please note.

Update: the “dont” at the top of the column on the right means “of which.”


  1. PatrickG says

    Ophelia, you’re not looking at this graph the right way. Squint just right and you’ll clearly see several neo-nazi symbols.

  2. opposablethumbs says

    La “une” is the front page.
    The graph is pretty much exactly what I would have expected (as a very occasional reader, and a long time ago at that)

  3. Jean says

    “La une” is the front page. It comes from page one so instead of saying “page un” it’s called “la une”.

    And 7 out of 523 is about 1.3%. That doesn’t seem to be an obsession to me either.

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