This judge is biased against Raif

Ensaf Haidar yesterday:

Urgent: A Statement from the Family of ‪#‎RaifBadawi‬

We have received information from reliable sources that there are attempts within the Penal Court to retry #Raifbadawi on apostasy charges again. Apostasy charge is punishable under Saudi law with the death penalty by beheading.

We also received confirmed information that the Supreme Court has referred Raif case to the same judge, who sentenced Raif with flogging and 10 years imprisonment.

This judge is biased against Raif. He has twice requested that Raif be charged with ‘apostasy’.

His request was declined at the time on the ground that the penal court has no jurisdiction on cases that lead to death penalty. However, due to a new regulation issued by the Supreme Judicial Council on 19.09.2014, the Penal court has now jurisdiction over major cases, which are punishable by the death penalty, amputation and stoning.

We have reasons to believe without any doubts that the same judge has again asked the Head of the Court of Apeal to charge Raif with ‘Apostasy’.

It should be mentioned that this judge stated in his written verdict against Raif, that he has proof and is confident that Raif is an apostate.

We call on the world citizens and governments not to leave Raif dragged by such bigots to death. And we renew our calls to his Majesty King Salman to pardon Raif Badawi and allow him to leave Canada to be united with his family there.


  1. says

    punishable by the death penalty, amputation and stoning

    All at once?

    Fucking hell, this is horrible. It’s simultaneously ridiculous and tragic. The idea that a nation could torture someone to death for not believing in the sky-daddy is so fucking.. 16th century Europe. 🙁

  2. Jean says

    This is exactly the same thinking that ISIS is using for beheading people. So everyone that was appalled by the ISIS murders should react the same for even the possibility of Saudi Arabia killing Raif.

    But of course Saudi Arabia is supposed to be an ally and is even a member of the human rights council at the UN. So it’s not the same thing. It should be even worse but for some reason (oil…) there is nothing concrete done by any country leader.

  3. Phillip Hallam-Baker says

    No, it isn’t for the oil.

    The Saudis have to sell the oil to someone. But they don’t have to spend the money on US goods. In particular they could buy French or British arms or maybe even buy from the Russians. Though that would be a rather bad plan should the US ever make up with Iran since the Russian weapons aren’t much good.

    Its the same game the UK is playing, To keep the Saudis sweet while the death merchants were selling them the Al Yameneh deal kit, the foreign office threw a wobbly when a UK tv channel broadcast ‘Death of a Princess’ showing the judicial murder of a Saudi princess.

    It is looking likely that ISIS will be finished in Iraq by late summer. The ‘Iraqi’ (i.e. Iranian) army is currently removing it from Tikrit and few doubt they won’t succeed. Once it becomes clear that the caliphate is losing there will be a large flood of jihadis looking to escape. Since they can’t go North, East or West without running into another army, many will head South. Especially since for many it is home. And then the house of Saud is going to have a real problem on its hands.

    Oh and with the water running out in Yemen, the Saudi’s southern border is going to be looking pretty shaky as well.

  4. Kakanian says

    Saudi Arabia has been building border fortifications and had the Germans train their military in how to defend them for a while now. I imagine the experience gained at the Iron Curtain isn’t going to waste here.

    Chances are that we’ll just end up paying Saudi Arabia and Turkey to push as many of these towards the Caucasus as possible. Either that or they’ll hitch a ride towards Africa.

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