The Big Questions last Sunday – starting 20 minutes in they talk about apostasy. Amal Farah, an ex-Muslim, explains what it can be like to be an ex. Abdullah Al Andalusi bullshits for Britain. Kate Smurthwaite is there too. (The first twenty minutes are devoted to talking about whether Britain has become intolerant of blokes, which was so annoying I skipped ahead after a few minutes, but Kate was doing a good job of replying to the Bloke Representative.)


  1. moarscienceplz says

    “Should apostasy be a criminal offense, yes or no?”
    Doesn’t seem like a hard question to answer, unless you are a slimy little weasel. If you are on the “yes” side, then you need to have a big ol’ discussion about what kinds of penalties are appropriate, but a ‘yes or no’ answer to the first question seems pretty simple for any honest person, and yet Abdullah Al Andalusi will not answer. Very interesting.

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