The nightmare continues

Another horrendous piece of news – from Tom Porter at the International Business Times (which so far seems to be the only English news outlet reporting it) –

Isis supporters call for Charlie Hebdo survivor Zineb el-Rhazoui to be murdered by terrorist lone wolves

So that’s appalling.

Isis supporters have called for lone wolf terrorists to target Franco Moroccan cartoonist Zineb el-Rhazoui, who survived the attacks on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo last month.

Thousands of supporters of the jihadist group have tweeted under the hashtag translated as #MustKillZinebElRhazouiInRetaliationForTheProphet, reports Vocativ, posting her personal details, pictures of her husband and sister, and a map showing places she had visited taken from her Facebook account, as well as pictures of Isis beheadings.

Money has also been offered in reward for information on her or her husband’s homes or places of work, reports

What can we do. Murderers can defeat us, because they’re happy to murder.


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    Today in Oslo, about 1300 young Muslims formed a «circle of peace» around the synagogue in a show of solidarity with the (far less numerous) Jews.

    Not everything is shitty in Europe.

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    sonofrojblake @ 2

    Murderers cannot defeat us.

    Oh, please, get real. The “STFU or die” strategy is working just fine. An axe wielding maniac invading someone’s home because mo, indeed has the dampening effect on the free flow of ideas these bullies intend. This is the goal, it’s what these cultists want. The murderers laugh gleefully that they have so successfully fucked with our daily existence.

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    Seriously. What a completely ridiculous claim.

    Murderers cannot defeat us. There are more of us than them, and always will be.

    What is that even supposed to mean? Try saying that with an added dateline – Rwanda, Srebrenica, Cambodia, Kosovo, Sarajevo, Nanjing, all of Europe from France deep into Russia – the Americas in the 15th & 16th centuries, the US in the 19th century, King Leopold’s Belgium, Amritsar – and on and on.

    One armed murderer who likes murdering can very easily and happily defeat a larger number of people, and anyway “us” and “them” is not a stable pair of categories. People can become murderers in a heartbeat. (They can also reverse the process.)

    Ugh I hate that kind of wishful-thinking platitude.

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    All the apocalyptic cultists have to do is post a video to interfere with other people’s freedom of movement. They are control freaks. They hate freedom of movement. They want submission. Kneel and plant your face on the rug 5 times a day, or die.

    It won’t be long, our malls will be like The Mall of Asia in Manila, PH: to get in you must submit to a search.


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