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Rupert Myers is very polite and repentant about writing such a nasty and untruthful article in the Telegraph about how Kate Smurthwaite is milking the last minute cancellation of her gig for publicity and besides nobody wanted to see her show anyway.

Hahahaha I’m kidding, no he’s not, he’s rude and dismissive.

Rupert Myers ‏@RupertMyers 6 hours ago
@Cruella1 I wish you the best of luck: my point is that this wasn’t a free speech / no platform situation.

Kate Smurthwaite ‏@Cruella1 6 hours ago
@RupertMyers and you felt the need to accept their point that sales were low without checking the actual facts. You don’t see how that…
…might damage my reputation? Just as well I don’t make my actual living doing this… Oh yes I do.

Rupert Myers ‏@RupertMyers 6 hours ago
@Cruella1 their comments seem to tally with yours

Kate Smurthwaite ‏@Cruella1 6 hours ago
@RupertMyers I don’t actually think you are stupid enough to believe your own doublespeak here.

Ophelia Benson ‏@OpheliaBenson 5 hours ago
@Cruella1 @RupertMyers That article is such an insulting piece of crap.

Rupert Myers ‏@RupertMyers 1 hour ago
@OpheliaBenson @Cruella1 
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