Humanism requires feminism

More from Greg Epstein on the Harvard Humanist of the Year award to Anita Sarkeesian.

Greg Epstein @gregmepstein 23 hours ago
Loved hosting @femfreq, our @HarvardHumanist of 2014 awardee. Humanism requires feminism; feminism=good f/all genders

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So sad for the harassers. Streisand effect. If they hadn’t harassed her…

…well we’ll never know now.

Greg Epstein @gregmepstein 23 hours ago
.@femfreq’s message was so reasonable, so dare-I-say moderate, the controversy is sad. It must be said far, wide: humanism requires feminism

Proud of 100+ men who attended today’s event, joined others in 3 standing ovations. Hope it becomes known: @humanisthub, you meet good guys

As opposed to raging misogynist shits. Yes that does make a difference.

Greg Epstein @gregmepstein 23 hours ago
.@D4M10N Blocking people who tweet insensitive, ugly language at me isn’t about thin/thick skin. It’s to say: our community is a safe space.

.@GRIMACHU ‘I’m not sexist BUT Humanism makes feminism redundant’? No. It IS sexist to deny women’s history, reality. Strong men see this.

And “non-sexist” men who feel so entitled to call a strong woman “fraud” or “liar” if you dislike her success? Blocked. #Notinourcommunity

.@femfreq You spoke powerfully; your message is vital to the humanist community. All of us @HarvardHumanist thank you

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  1. iknklast says

    Epstein recognizes a core truth. Humanism is about humans. Women are human. It’s really all very simple.

  2. Dunc says

    So sad for the harassers. Streisand effect. If they hadn’t harassed her…

    Yup. I first became aware of her because the the shitstorm around her Kickstarter.

    It’s becoming a pretty good heuristic actually – any time you see a bunch of dudebro assholes dogpiling someone like that, they’re probably worth taking a look at.

  3. Holms says

    I wonder how long it will take the GGer / slymepit / etc idiots to insult her appearance and threaten her with rape while also claiming that there is no harassment campaign against her.

  4. tonyinbatavia says

    Holms @5, how long it will take? Hmm. If you set your time machine to land in April of 2012, the answer would be “in about a month.” Now read Ophelia @6.

    The better question is: When will it stop?

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