How dare you resist

Speaking of people being murdered for terrible petty self-regarding narcissistic reasons – in Turkey 20-year-old Ozgecan Aslan was murdered for having the audacity to resist being raped.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS ACTIVISTS in Turkey took to the streets yesterday in protest at the murder of a young woman after she resisted an alleged attempt to rape her, local media reported.

Hundreds of women gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim square chanting slogans such as “You will never walk alone!”.

The protesters also demanded that family and social policies minister Aysenur Islam, a woman, step down.

See if you can find someone whose name isn’t Submission.

On Friday, police discovered the burned body of 20-year-old Ozgecan Aslan in a riverbed in southern Turkey.

She had been missing since Wednesday when she was reported to have boarded a minibus to go home, the Hurriyet newspaper reported.

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Three suspects including the driver of the minibus were detained and are said to have admitted to having stabbed Aslan.

A motive for the alleged murder was not immediately clear but the private Dogan news agency reported that the driver attempted to rape Aslan after she was left alone in the minibus.

She resisted by spraying pepper gas at the driver who stabbed her to death, according to Dogan.

Because his wanting to rape her and his anger at being pepper sprayed mattered more than her life. His trivial selfish grabby wants, wants that involved the body of a separate person, mattered more to him than her entire life, to say nothing of the happiness of her family and friends.

The crime appears set to become a rallying cause for activists seeking to end violence against women in a country where hundreds of women are killed by their husbands every year.

In November, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stirred controversy when he declared that women were not equal to men.

Which is an ideology that helps to enable attitudes like that of the murderer of Ozgecan Aslan. If women are not equal to men maybe it doesn’t matter so much if men kill the occasional woman in a fit of temper.



  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    These last couple weeks are turning me into a full on misanthrope.

    I’m beginning to hate people in general, I really am.

    I know there are a lot of good people out there, doing what they can to improve the world (I’d like to think I’m one of them most of the time), but it also seems like there is so many that are worse…and they are quite happy about it. From the rightwing fear mongering politics in the US and around the world, to the religious extremists of all stripes killing and torturing people, to base thugs and rapists like this story demonstrates.

    Twould be such a nice planet, were there no people on it.

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    “If women are not equal to men maybe it doesn’t matter so much if men kill the occasional woman in a fit of temper.”

    Especially if she does something to upset him. Anything. Actually, it doesn’t really matter – she doesn’t have to do anything at all. Just the fact that she’s there is reason enough to attack her. And at the end, she might not exist, and wasn’t that the basis for the entire problem in the first place – her existence?

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