Worldview Academy faculty speak and present

Uh huh. “Worldview Academy” appears to be mostly a website, along with a program of “camps” it offers around the country. Judging by the “camp” in my state, which lasts 5 days and charges $745, these camps are really just quick proselytizing jaunts.

We are drawn together by the conviction to live out a biblical worldview in heart, mind, and life. Each summer, we gather in camps across the country to pursue the Reason for living. Just as iron sharpens iron, our faculty and students dialogue and search the scriptures to deepen our knowledge of Christ and come together in following Him.


They say their faculty will come along and fix you up, but they don’t say who their faculty are. I suspect it’s whoever is sucker enough to apply.

Christianity & Culture Conferences are designed to bring the faculty from Worldview Academy into your church or school for a series of lectures and breakout sessions. We present customized conference schedules that will inspire, challenge and encourage families, youth groups, schools, and churches to stand for truth in an ever-shifting culture.

The faculty, only there’s no place on the site that…you know…lists them.

Worldview Academy faculty speak and present at homeschool conventions across the country. To invite faculty members to your local conference, call the Worldview Office at 1-800-241-1123 or email Amelia Capo at

Faculty members speak at church or school conferences by invitation. To invite a Worldview Academy faculty member to speak at your church, call the Worldview Office at 1-800-241-1123 or email Amelia Capo at

Super impressive stuff. The real deal. All professionally-like. The phone number and email contact given twice right together like that, just in case you doze off.

No wonder he has to fake up a lawsuit.


  1. lorn says

    Paying $150 a day to be brow-beaten and pressured to conform to their version of “truth”.

    Oddly that reminds me of a scene from a movie:

    Dirty Harry (1971)
    Big Black Man: [Big Black has just been given a wad of cash by Scorpio] You want to go all the way?
    The Killer: Every penny’s worth.
    Big Black Man: Relax. Take it easy. It’s gonna be all right.
    [pulls on a pair of leather gloves and methodically beats Scorpio into a bloody pulp]
    Big Black Man: You sure you want the rest of it?
    The Killer: Every penny’s worth, you black son of a bitch!
    Big Black Man: [kicks Scorpio hard] This one’s on the house!
    [flattens him with one last punch and walks away]

    Scorpio is the killer who pays to receive a beating so he can blame it on Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood).
    The scrip and credits list the character doing the beating as “Big Black Man” the character is reportedly played by Raymond Johnson.

  2. says

    Reflecting back on my days in the Jesus cult, I recall that there was always someone running one “business venture” or another and painting it heavily with sanctimony and “academia”. Lots of Jesus talk but not a lot of actual “trusting Jesus”.

    After having a look around, I’d take a not too risky guess that the sum total of the so-called “faculty” in “Worldview” consists entirely of Jeff Baldwin, Bill Jack, and Bill Frye. Bill Frye lists himself on his own domain (, registered in Oregon with the “org” name “The Pascal Project”, associated with the Worldview Academy). Probably no coincidence that books by these are featured prominently on the “worldview” website, along with another, Randy Sims*, some of whose books are also available at the very generous price of 1 cent from Amazon ($20 from “Worldwide”) . Sims has also handily uploaded his more challenging works to Amelia Capo, working the office email, lists herself on LinkedIn as “Conference Coordinator and Camp Promotions Director” at Worldview Academy (formerly Professional Coaching & Training Solutions at Worldview Academy). Worldview Academy may not be paying enough?

    Just speculating that the link to Oklahoma Wesleyan University may give “Worldview” the gloss of the name (“University”) and maybe give OWU a little kickback? I sure don’t know one way or the other. Maybe they want to be the TEDx of the Jesus cult.

  3. idahogie says

    Thanks for finding the staff list, grumpyoldfart @2.

    Surprisingly, the entire teaching staff is old, white men. The admin staff is young, white women.

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