We’ve got to stand up

Via BBC Breaking News on the Charlie Hebdo massacre:


Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell tells BBC News channel: “We’ve got to stand up for the right to take the piss out of these monsters, these idiots, these fools, these posturing maniacs who strut around in their black gear as a kind of death cult trying to frighten us all.”


The Globe and Mail’s Mark MacKinnon took this picture at the Place de la Republique in Paris, where crowds are gathering to express solidarity with the magazine:

place de la republique


  1. md says

    Qui, Qui, Ophelia.

    Chirac did not stand up for Charlie Hebdo in 2007. Muslim special pleading against free speech was dismissed in their courts but Chirac was content for the lawsuit to go forward. Perhaps the French will vote for someone who will stand up for their rights in 2017.

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