Oh, well, if he disliked his daughter…

News from India, via the Independent:

An Indian man has been arrested after he allegedly attempted to bury his 9-year-old daughter alive.

Adul Hussein allegedly dug a pit in the back garden of his home in Putia, a small village near the India-Bangladesh border, while his wife was away from the house on Friday afternoon.

Police sources told Indian news channel NDTV that the man’s “dislike” of his daughter Rukshena prompted his actions.

Hussein reportedly tied Rukshena’s hands and feet together before placing tape over her mouth and placing her in the hole, which came up to her chest as pictures show.

But his wife came home then, so he ran out of time to finish burying his daughter.

Man buries daughter alive



  1. Blanche Quizno says

    Welcome to patriarchy. Doesn’t really matter what sort – *this* is the essence of it.

  2. lorn says

    Viciously patriarchal, misogynistic, authoritarian, murderous, and sociopathic.

    Dude … you just failed human 101.

    The guy seems to have nothing going for him because in addition to lacking basic humanity he is also brain-dead stupid.

    Most people would apprehend the obvious as to why we bury people in a horizontal position, less digging.

  3. carbonfox says

    What the fuck! Thank goodness the girl lived! One can only hope she’s young enough to have thought this was a game or something, avoiding a lifetime of trauma. But I doubt it. How would you console a child whose parent tried to kill them?

    I’m curious why this idiot (fortunately!) stopped at the arrival of his wife: if he thinks this little of his “property”, why not just tell the wife to shove it (or threaten to bury her, too)? I was glad to hear that the neighbors intervened on the girl’s behalf.

  4. Kilian Hekhuis says

    The image doesn’t seem to match with the discription. The girl in the photo hasn’t got tape over her mouth, nor does it look like an interrupted burrial: the girl’s chest is at ground level. Also, who would’ve taken the photo, the mother?

  5. johnthedrunkard says

    The kind of partial burial in the picture matches descriptions and photographs of ‘traditional’ stoning under Sharia.

    Might that have been the father’s plan?

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