It feels as if all of Paris is in the streets

The Beeb also has a live report on the Paris march, so we can see commentary and news as it rolls in.


Peter Miller emails: It feels as if all of Paris is in the streets. We are still 1km away from Place de la Republique but the street is full of people. It is important the whole of society unites together now in solidarity for the freedom of speech and against hatred that wants to divide us.

I think that uniting bit is what the murderers don’t want.

Remember: they aren’t particularly bright. They have some cunning, but they’re not sharp. They didn’t plan for unity.


German ministers have accused the anti-immigration movement Pegida of exploiting the Paris attacks.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has urged Pegida to call off its next march, scheduled for Monday in the eastern city of Dresden. Last week, 18,000 people turned out for the rally.

“If the organisers had a shred of decency, they would simply cancel these demonstrations,” the Bild newspaper quoted him as saying in its issue to be published Monday.

“The victims (of the Paris attacks) do not deserve to be abused by rabble-rousers like these,” he said.

Ni Pegida ni AQAP.


  1. Dave Ricks says

    The BBC ran their live video stream on that link for a few hours, so I texted the link to a couple friends, and they saw the coverage on their phones. NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd ran live coverage mixed with opinions from guests in studio. This was a big day, like where were you when JFK was shot, or Armstrong walked on the Moon.

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