Guest post: To the people at Liberty Counsel

Originally a comment by themadtapper on Honoring the Legacy, a press release by a right-wing group for Martin Luther King day claiming to be honoring King by promoting homophobia.

As I read over that press release, which reads like a fundie Mad Lib, I debated over what part to actually comment on.

I could comment on the inanity of comparing to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. those who seek to do the very thing that King fought against: denying goods, service, and basic dignity to a marginalized people whose only desire is to have the same opportunities of life, liberty, and happiness that white conservative Christians enjoy.

I could take the low-hanging fruit and comment on yet another attempt to use the words of Thomas Jefferson to champion a religious cause.

I could comment on the lies about losing businesses (they choose to close up shop to avoid serving those “sexually sinful” people) or being made to choose regarding their personal idea of marriage (they’re not actually asked to make any choice about marriage at all; they’re asked politely, and reasonably, to provide their advertised goods and/or services whether they like the customers or not).

I was tempted to rewrite the press release and replace the same-sex references with interracial ones, which would serve only to beat a long dead horse that, sadly, must be dragged from its grave time and time again because people still don’t get it.

I decided instead to issue a press release of my own to the people at Liberty Counsel, and everyone they support and who supports them:

I pity you. So full of anger, so full of fear, so full of hate. And for what? Because two people you don’t approve of want to get married?

You there. You, holding the “Adam and EVE, not Adam and STEVE” sign. Look to your left. Look at your wife. Yesterday a gay couple got married. Did stop loving her? Did she stop loving you? Did your marriage get any less special, less magical?

You there. You, holding the “One Nation Under GOD” sign. Look to your right. Look at your husband. Tomorrow, another gay couple will get married. Will you stop loving him? Will your marriage fall to pieces? Will your marriage mean any less to you tomorrow than it does today?

I pity you. How much time did you spend today, worrying about what gay people you may never even meet want to do with their lives? How much energy did you spend trying to meddle in their lives? How long could you have held your own loved ones in your arms if you’d not been so busy trying to keep others from doing so?

There is only one person demeaning your marriage. Only one person taking anything away from you.

It’s you.

It’s only you. Every time you choose to stand in the aisle with your arms folded instead of sitting on the pew putting your hands together. Every time you choose to put acrylics on posterboard instead of shoe polish on windshields. Every time you throw stones instead of rice. Every time you shout insults instead of congratulations. Every time you frown at someone else’s marriage instead of smiling at your own. That’s what demeans your marriage. Not them. You.

That’s why I pity you.


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