Kentucky legislators propitiate their god

In news from Kentucky

State lawmakers will debate legislation in committees next year beneath “In God We Trust” signs.

Ok what the hell, man. How is this even legal? Why can’t we just have a secular government? Why do they have to keep pushing the Allahu Akbar-In God we trust shit in our faces?

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports state officials hung the new signs in 11 committee rooms in the Capitol and Capitol Annex, where legislators have offices and meeting rooms. Legislators approved the signs in March.

That’s not right. It’s not neutral, and the state is supposed to be neutral.

The ACLU of Kentucky and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State are not happy about the signs, but say there is little chance a judge would order them removed.

So suck it up, non-Christians. We can so we are so you lose so ha.




  1. Blanche Quizno says

    In early 2002, in the city where I live, the City Council was going to be considering whether to accept a “donation” of a large “In God We Trust” sign for the council chambers. I went, 2-yr-old and 4-yr-old in hand, and waited and waited. What I said was along the lines of “It would be a shame for this august body to give the impression that Christians are given privileged status in the functioning of government.” I said a few other things, too, like “thank you for allowing me to speak” and whatnot.

    In the end, they voted in favor of the Christian signage.

  2. ema says

    These dangerous morons deserve to be trolled to the fullest. Something like taking an ad out in all the local newspapers thanking the esteemed legislators for openly and proudly displaying their submission to Allahu Akbar while conducting State business and for their full support for Sharia law, signed The Committee to Sharia All of Kentucky & Then Some.

  3. Ed says

    Actually “Allahu Akbar” is a slightly less offensive slogan. It states by implication that God exists and claims that he is “great.” “In God We Trust” goes a step further and speaks for us, not only assuming belief but dictating a particular feeling or opinion about him.

    Do all theists trust the gods they believe in? Job didn’t (and for good reason; God and his buddy Satan torture the poor guy to prove some stupid point and when Job complains, he gets an incoherent, self-righteous rant about sea monsters and other random stuff).

    If I was a believer and let’s say, had prayed with great feeling and faith for a loved one not to die and they died anyway, I would be offended by the government making sweeping proclamations about how much “we” trust God.

    But some people make such a fetish out of this dumb slogan. It’s already on American money, but that’s not enough for some people. They also write it on their cheques.

    I’ve even had a couple of experiences where I`ve received cash payments for the company I work for and the people actually wrote it on the envelope the money was in! Once I showed a co-worker, pointing out that this was redundant because the slogan was already on the money itself. She didn’t share my amusement.

  4. theobromine says

    If I was a believer and let’s say, had prayed with great feeling and faith for a loved one not to die and they died anyway…

    Here’s the standard Christian answer for that:

    You don’t understand. God knows better than man [sic]. The death of the loved one was really for the best – that person will be in a better place now, spending eternity with God, and the experience will provide so much growth and learning for the family and friends. The prayers may have *seemed* futile, but they achieved their true purpose – providing an opportunity for the people praying to focus on God and stop worrying so much about themselves (and their loved ones).

  5. busterggi says

    Thing is, like his right-wing followers, god is never satisfied and no one is ever pure enough. If this isn’t stopped it will escalate.

  6. RJW says

    “Who wants to go out for a beer?” Already taken, Ophelia, that’s the first part of the informal Australian national motto, the second is—“if we do nothing the problem will solve itself”.

    @1 MrFancyPants

    “I wish that we could go back to our original (informal) national motto: MIND YOUR BUSINESS.”
    I’m sure many millions of people around the world would agree.

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