Dangerous driving

So there’s a new trend in France? A fashionable new style of mini-jihad – drive a van or truck or car into a crowd of shoppers because Allahu akbar?

A van has been driven at shoppers at a French Christmas market in the city of Nantes and the driver is reported to have stabbed himself, officials say.

Ten people are reported to have been injured, five seriously.

The exact circumstances remain unclear, but the incident comes only a day after pedestrians were run down in Dijon.

The driver of that vehicle screamed “God is great” in Arabic.

Meanwhile, to confuse the issue further, in Glasgow a garbage truck (aka rubbish lorry or bin lorry) went out of control in a busy square and crashed into a bunch of people, killing six, but the police don’t think that one was deliberate.

It’s a Hobbesian world out there.


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    A similar incident involving a garbage truck happened a few years ago in Phoenix, Az. Except it ploughed into a group of motorcycles, killing 6, IIRC. I knew one of the victims personally. I know the driver lost his job, but I think the case may still be ongoing.

  2. Decker says

    In the Glasgow incident, it is suspected that the truck driver may have suffered a heart attack.

    Yeah, this guy had a heart attack while driving and his call, “Allahu akbar”, is a Buddhist plea for immediate medical attention.

    This happens in the U.K., Canada, China, the U.S. France, Germany and it really happens a lot in Israel, but try as I might, I can detect no common denominator that could possibly link any of these incidents in even the remotest manner.

  3. Dunc says

    Decker: There is absolutely no indication whatsoever that the Glasgow incident is in any way related to terrorism. The police have specifically stated that they do not believe it is in any way related to terrorism. You are just using a terrible tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of 6 innocent people, to further your own political agenda. Have a word with yourself.

  4. says

    Decker what the HELL are you talking about? The Glasgow driver didn’t yell Allahu akbar according to the news reports I saw. One witness said the driver was slumped over the wheel.

    You’re just making shit up now. I think you’ve just about outstayed your welcome.

  5. guthriestewart says

    Hey, a Scot, living in Scotland here, and I’ve just seen the news on TV re. the Glasgow bin lorry crash. No, it wasn’t terrorist related, the driver was taken ill, that’s about all they are saying just now.
    So Decker can just have the same treatment the last islamic terrorist to attack a scottish target had.

  6. says

    Ah but Decker sees through all our transparent rationalizations about the driver’s having passed out at the wheel, because Decker is the only one paying attention.

    Or, not.

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