Malleable community standards

Remember that excellent, well-argued, informative comment by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain on a post by Andrew Brown at CiF yesterday? That I re-published here for your convenience and edification? It’s all the more convenient now, because the wises ones at CiF have deleted it, claiming – absurdly – that it doesn’t meet their community standards. CEMB tweeted the news a few hours ago.

Ex-Muslims Forum @CEMB_forum · 5 hours ago
We wrote this at Guardian about how Exmuslims are silenced … … its now been silenced & deleted

Maajid Nawaz asked the wise ones why.

Maajid Nawaz @MaajidNawaz · 18 hours ago
.@Guardian publish … then @CEMB_forum comment … Enforcing a blasphemy code, Guardian delete comment

What is the Guardian doing enforcing a blasphemy code?

To further ironize the irony, yesterday that comment was an Editors’ Favourite.


  1. Kim says

    I am perplexed at the deletion of this reasonable and eloquently expressed comment. Having read The Guardian comments guidelines, I simply can’t see where it has fallen foul. The Guardian should provide feedback as to why this has been removed. Failure to do so smacks of Orwellian censorship. At present it seems The Guardian is removing the voice of ex-Muslims because it does not fit their agenda.

    Perhaps it may have fallen through the gaps of staff changeovers, as the day it was deleted was also the last day for the Comment is Free editor who left on maternity leave. I hope that CEMB will continue to request a reason, and that when the New Editor is in place we can have resolution.

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