Because men punching women is hilarious?

The title tells you all you need to know.

For The Love Of God, People, Do Not Dress Up As Ray Rice For Halloween

No, really, don’t.

A Reddit user who asked to remain anonymous posted the following image on Sunday night, explaining that his “friend came to the party as Ray Rice.

” It shows a man with the running back’s jersey dragging a blow up doll on the floor.

Not. fucking. funny.


  1. themadtapper says

    Not. fucking. funny.

    I’m sure to a lot of people it was fucking funny, if not downright hilarious. And not just hyper-macho jocks either; plenty of regular average Joes, folks who think themselves civilized, maybe even progressive, probably chuckled at it too. That’s what happens in a culture where misogyny is so thoroughly internalized. And people who should know better, who should be able to recognize that fact and speak out against such obvious misogyny, will wail on about how the complainers are just hyper-sensitive or can’t take a joke. And if you dare try to point out that, by normalizing and downplaying such antipathy toward domestic violence victims, they are part of the problem, they will just accuse you of comparing jokes and differing opinions to domestic violence, and write you off as a hysterical feminazi rage-blogger.

  2. sambarge says

    thephilosophicalprimate @2:

    Amazing. They upped the misogyny and general shittiness of the costume by adding racism. In the immortal words of Jon Oliver:

    Black Face: How is this still a thing?

  3. sambarge says

    Actually, just saw a photo of a child dressed as Ray Rice, in black face, dragging a sex doll by the hair.

    So. Even worser.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I always liked the ones showing a priest with a child on his knees (apparently fellating the priest) to be funny. I see how that could be bad in many instances too, but it never appeared to be glorifying the sexual assault. These, though, unless I’m missing some context, they seem to be actually glorifying the assault.

    Am I missing something? (In either case?)

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