Update to add: Ex-Muslims of North America started this hashtage to highlight the often-neglected experiences of ex-muslims.

Go there on Twitter.

If you’re an ex-Muslim, contribute. If you’re not, read (and contribute: nons are tweeting their reactions, urging others to read, etc).

It’s powerful, some of it desperately sad, some of it joyous.

A few (without handles):

When the brothers of women you know from prayer tell you in the streets that you deserve to be sold into prostitution #AnApostatesExperience

Losing the friendship of every non-relative Muslim I knew & the love of some relatives #AnApostatesExperience

“Watching your mother accept she’s not allowed to visit her child’s grave, and not being able to say anything.” – #AnApostatesExperience

Crying at the end of Disney’s “Brave” b/c Merida resolved their differences and got her mom back…and I couldn’t.

Lying about your values and lifestyle to family so that they will still love you #AnApostatesExperience

Being told by your devout sister(real) that “you deserve to be killed for leaving islam as hadith clearly says” #AnApostatesExperience


  1. Rob H-something says

    So, how are we to receive these comments? Are these the reactions of everyday muslim believers to the muslim apostates living amongst them, or are they the reactions of a tiny group of muslim fanatics to apostasy in their communities?

  2. Anthony K says

    Rob H-something:

    I think this tweet explains how to receive these:

    Ex-Muslims Forum ‏@CEMB_forum
    many believe that non Muslims should adhere to apostasy codes too, by not talking about it – enforcing the taboo #AnApostatesExperience

    It’s people talking about something someone like me has no experience with. Just read, I guess.

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