A loosely organized collective that wants to bully women

Amanda Marcotte (I belatedly see) has also written about Intel’s move to obey the anti-social justice campaigners and punish Gamasutra.

[A]ny lingering hope that GamerGate is about bringing integrity back to journalism were dashed this week, when GamerGate participants convinced Intel to pull its advertising from the gaming website Gamasutra in order to punish Gamasutra for publishing on opinion they don’t like, a piece criticizing GamerGate for making gamers look like misogynist idiots.

The purported concern of GamerGate is to end gaming journalism’s “increasing corruption by money and hype,” as Auerbach explained. If that’s true, it’s awfully fishy that GamerGate’s first major victory is to threaten journalists with lost revenue for writing about their honestly held views. That the journalist in question, Leigh Alexander, happens also to be yet another young, outspoken woman suggests yet again that GamerGate never was and never will be about corruption in journalism, but is simply a loosely organized collective that wants to bully women out of the gaming world.

#Not all women! Not women who hate feminism and feminists. They can stay…as long as they follow instructions.


  1. ApostateltsopA says

    …as long as they follow instructions.. And dress code aaand don’t speak up too much aaand smile at everything any gater says…..


  2. Anthony K says

    The anti-feminists just can’t abide women having consensual sex. Zoe Quinn purportedly had consensual sex with a journalist, therefore she’s destroying the hallowed and venerable tradition of gaming journalism and must be stopped at all costs. Sex is bad, and she’s bad for having Done It, the slut.

    Shermer has non-consensual sex with Alison Smith, and hey, it’s nobody’s business but them and the police maybe besides she shouldn’t have been so drunk, the lush, so butt out, hush up, hey, TAM’s coming up!

  3. says

    Urgh, I was hoping it would go away soon. The tweets to the hashtag had been dying down as everyone realises it is a small minority of anti-feminists keeping it going who have nothing original to say. There is a blocklist of everyone using the hashtag sincerely, only 600 people on there, assuming many are not socks! Then Intel steps in… All blown up again, urgh.

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