Known for her pro bono legal and humanitarian work

Islamic State in Iraq publicly murdered a human rights lawyer in Mosul last week.

Samira al-Nuaimy, known locally for her pro bono legal and humanitarian work, was executed last week, according to rights activists and residents. The United Nations said that she was killed in a public square and that her body showed signs of torture when it was returned to her family.

Heading for Utopia, where all the people who do good work have been murdered and the people who do bad things are in control.

“Samira was not the first,” said Suha Oda, a 29-year-old social activist from Mosul who has moved to the Kurdish-administered area nearby but monitors human rights issues in the city. Four women have suffered a similar fate over the past month, she said, including three doctors who were executed last week. Iraqi media reports said the women had been killed because they refused to treat a wounded Islamic State fighter.

The world of death and violence and coercion.

The Islamic State did not publicly acknowledge Nuaimy’s killing, but U.N. officials said a sharia court had sentenced her to death for apostasy — or abandoning the faith.

Nuaimy had sought to run in the elections but did not end up competing, Oda said. The lawyer had spoken out on her Facebook page against the militants’ destruction of historic sites, the U.N. office for human rights said. The Islamic State has blown up ancient tombs, ripped down
statues and destroyed Shiite mosques — which it considers idolatrous or heretical under its extreme interpretation of Islam.

“She refused the terrorists and Daesh,” Oda said, using the Arabic acronym for the group.

So they killed her. Submit or die – those are the choices.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    I first learned about ‘Daesh’ on the Rachel Maddow show. Here’s a good explanation of why we should use it instead of ‘ISIS’:

    But here’s the kicker, in Arabic daesh is essentially an insult. It is now used to refer to bigots who push and impose their views on other people. You know, kind of like a group of terrorists who would mass murder large groups of people simply for holding beliefs than they do. Sounds appropriate, right?

    Actually, it is a homophome of the insult, but still way better than legitimizing their aspirations to statehood, don’t you think?

  2. leni says

    Wait, didn’t they murder a female dentist for treating male patients? Were they planning on murdering the doctors after they treated the terrorists anyway?

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