Sending a message

IS has apparently beheaded the US journalist James Foley, who has been missing for two years, the SMH reports.

Islamic State insurgents who control territory in Iraq and Syria released a video on Tuesday purportedly showing the beheading of US journalist James Foley, who had gone missing in Syria nearly two years ago. The group also threatened the life of a second US journalist it claims to be holding.

The video, titled “A Message To America,” was posted on social media sites. It was not immediately possible to verify.

Foley, who has reported in the Middle East for five years, was kidnapped on November 22, 2012, by unidentified gunmen.

God is great.


  1. leni says

    The only message I got from that is that it is long past time for ISIS (or whatever the fuck hey changed their stupid fucking name to) to be put on a rocket and launched in a generally Sunward direction.

    We don’t need to aim carefully. No one will care if it misses the Sun and just keeps going.

    Well, maybe the people who calculated the trajectory will care, but no one else will.

  2. johnthedrunkard says

    I recall when Daniel Pearl was used for Jihad porn that it emerged that his original captors SOLD him to the killers.

    No knowing (yet) what happened to Foley, how long he was held, or even when he was murdered.

  3. lpetrich says

    It would be rather hard to launch them into the Sun. You’d need a delta-V of about 30 km/s, and that requires a LOT of rocket fuel.

    A better destination might be Venus. Describe what a tropical oasis it must be, with it’s being closer to the Sun than the Earth and its clouds. But when they get there, they’ll find that it’s like the volcanic conception of Hell.

  4. leni says

    …and that requires a LOT of rocket fuel.

    We’ll need a bullshit powered engine, then!

    Or Venus. That could also work. The hot lady planet covered with a protective layer of sulfuric acid could definitely work.

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