Leo Igwe at the Global Humanist Conference with a couple of other great and useful humanists.

The other humanist is Hemley Gonzales of Responsible Charity, a humanist charity providing education to children in slum communities and villages in India and empowering women and men to overcome poverty.

And here he is with Peter Tatchell.

Photo: With Peter Tatchell in Oxford

I think y’all know who Peter is.


  1. Brucee says

    It’s great that the continent of Africa was able to be represented at this World Conference by such a brave and distinguished humanist as Leo Igwe.
    A year or two ago, I was able to hear him talk about his work promoting rationality and fighting the delusion that there are witches. His work is a tribute to the massive effort of everyone in the World Humanist Conference, as are the successes of the other speakers mentioned here. I wish I had had time to go myself. Thanks for keeping the rest of us informed on these key world issues.

  2. Decker says

    Tatchell’s shilling for “Tell Mama”, an organization whose _studies_ on islamophobia have been shown to be completely dishonest and misleading, has brought him down a few notches.

    Were he to “repent” and disassociate himself from these ridiculous grievance mongers, I could find it in my heart to forgive ‘im.

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