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There’s a thing, or at least a website, called Christian Medical & Dental Associations. Who knows, maybe it is just a website, with no actual members at all. Anyone can set up a website and call herself an Association of something or other, provided (I assume) she doesn’t steal the name.

Anyway this Christian Medical & Dental Associations has a Moral Complicity with Evil Ethics Statement. It defines its terms right at the beginning, in the first paragraph.

Moral complicity with evil is culpable association with or participation in wrongful acts. Evil is defined as anything immoral or wrong based on Biblical principles. Questions about moral complicity with evil can arise in regard to an individual’s relationship to or involvement with past, present or future evil.

That’s it. That’s the terms defined. They go on to say we shouldn’t do evil, and to quote some bible verses saying the same thing, but that’s all you get by way of defining terms. It’s a little…thin. Evil is defined as anything immoral or wrong based on Biblical principles, ok, but which principles? The one about dashing the infants’ heads against the wall for instance? They don’t say. I guess it’s just whatever the individual decides it is on any given day.


  1. says

    Divorce is evil.
    Rape is not evil.
    Wearing mixed fibers is evil.
    Slavery is not evil.
    Working on the sabbath is evil.
    Refusing to participate in ongoing investigations into child sexual abuses cases that your organization has been involved in for decades if not centuries and which you’ve shielded the abusers–that’s not evil.

    Just trying to get a handle on what’s good and what’s evil.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Tony! @ 1

    “Well, those are evil until belief becomes politically or financial inconvenient. After which, it becomes allegory, metaphor, or something that is now obsolete with the coming of Jesus.”

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Sayeth the Wiki

    The Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) is made up of the Christian Medical Association and the Christian Dental Association. As of 2011, CMDA had approximately 16,000 members. It is the United States affiliate of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association.

    16K claimed 3 yrs ago – the lack of an update implies a tragic downward turn, I fear.

    The membership consists of physicians, dentists, and other allied health professionals.

    “And other …” makes the membership number less implausible.

    Most are evangelical but there are members from non-evangelical denominations.. …

    C’mon, all the cool kidz are New Apostolic Reformation now!

    The [referral] database has been reported to receive about 65,000 hits per month. …

    Downright miraculous, what you can get a database to report.

    CMDA has a large missionary focus. …

    Absolutely gigantic, by some measures.

    CMM currently serves over 760 students and residents through their “Your Call” program, which is designed to help those with a call to medical missions stay focused on that call throughout their years of preparation. …

    I once tangled with a local Right-to-Lie group, and found in their own newsletter that “serves” can mean “gives pamphlets to” or “answers phone call from” along with a smattering of material & financial aid. The average recipient of their largesse got something like $10/month, but they claimed to be supporting hundreds by giving (insufficient quantities of) diapers to a few dozen women and paying an occasional electric bill. So I can’t take the 760+ number all that seriously, even if they named that many names.

    Otoh, if they’re actually cultivating a cadre in the scrubs demographic, they could someday present yet another tentacle of dominionism. Any lurker with a feel for what’s going down in the med/medtech schools, whaddaya say?

    The Washington Office links our members with Congress, the White House,

    You’re s’pozed to pretend you didn’t post this yourselves, Washington Office of CMDA. Where’s a wikicop when we need one?

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    I gotta get out of here before the HTML cops show up asking about the blockquote fail on that “… evangelical …” line. G’night, y’all!

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    Pierce R. Butler

    HTML Cops used to be my favorite computer crime drama until they came up with all those spin-offs like HTML Cops: JavaScript Files and HTML Cops: CSS Unit.

  6. Omar Puhleez says

    “Evil is defined as anything immoral or wrong based on Biblical principles.”

    That leaves plenty of scope: evil is not slaughtering enough of the Philistines. Etc.
    What is evil? That which you should not do.

    What should you not do?

    That which is evil.
    Good night and good luck.

  7. Al Dente says

    Since authoritarian dictatorships are not condemned as evil in the Bible then we can consider Kim Jong-un and Robert Mugabe to be good guys.

  8. says

    Philosophy fail:
    Moral complicity with evil is culpable association with or participation in wrongful acts.

    “Complicity” meaning something like ‘involved with others in an illegal act’
    “Culpable” meaning blame-worthy
    “association” meaning “involvement with”
    “participation” meaning “involvement in”
    “wrongful acts” meaning “blame-worthy acts”

    Unpacks into:
    Moral Complicity with evil is blame-worthy involvement with or involvement in blame-worthy acts”

    No shit? Someone call Sherlock Holmes!

  9. Shatterface says

    Okay, I can see why Christians might try to muscle in on medicine, what with all their hang-ups over reproductive rights, but what the hell is Christian dentistry?

    God hates fangs?

  10. Menyambal says

    Given that business about not making marks on your body, and mixed fabrics, I get the feel that God would be against dental implants and even fillings. If only there was some way to consult with him …


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