Uttar Pradesh’s trees bear strange fruit

There’s another one, and there was one more yesterday.

A teenager has been found hanging from a tree in a village in northern India, the fourth woman to die in such a way in recent weeks in Uttar Pradesh state.

The family of the 19-year-old say she was raped. A post mortem is under way.

It comes just one day after a woman’s body was found hanging from a tree in a remote village elsewhere in the state.

The gang rape and murder of two girls found in similar circumstances last month sparked outrage. Correspondents say more cases are now being reported.

Such attacks have long taken place in Uttar Pradesh, reports the BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi, but recent outrage over sexual violence has meant that every case is being reported to police and getting media coverage.

So…before that they were just one of those things?

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state with more than 200 million people, is also home to a staggering number of poor and it is the poor and the disadvantaged low-caste women who are most at risk of such crimes, our correspondent adds.

Well of course it is. It would be foolish to attack the rich and powerful.


  1. says

    but recent outrage over sexual violence has meant that…

    “…police are being expected to do their bloody jobs for a change, which has them in turn outraged at this intrusion on their porn-watching time.”

    That’s how I’d want to finish that quotation if I’d been wtiting about this officer’s words (criticism of original, not your writing about this, Ophelia).

    Which is probably why I’m not a highly-paid journalist.

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