She even includes the obligatory elevator reference

A bit of annotation on the substance of Jaclyn Glenn’s anti-feminism video.

At 45 seconds she makes an elevator sneer – “He invited me to have coffee in his hotel room; sexual harassment, patriarchy!”

But I feel like the term “feminist” is exclusionary.

She points out “humanist” is a great word too so why don’t we use that word?

But the word “feminist” has gotten such a hawwrible reputation from modern feminists and like I said it’s exclusionary.

It’s gotten such a hawwrible reputation from people like Glenn talking stupid garbage about it, too.

So stop the nonsense, stop saying patriarchy for every damn thing, and stop making everything about you [with a forceful gesture].

Which is rich coming from someone doing a video of herself talking while perched on a glammed-up bed.


  1. Artor says

    I try not to criticize Glenn too much, partly because she’s “one of us,” and I haven’t completely kicked my inherent tendencies towards tribalism, and partly because she’s cute & girly, and I haven’t completely kicked my sexism. But really, from the videos of hers that I’ve watched, I’m not impressed. Clear & incisive & well-thought-out they ain’t.

  2. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Work on that, Artor. That’s the kind of thing that’s understandable—we all have those tendencies—but that’s embarrassing to put out there in the way you did. It comes off as you positing that it’s reasonable or even endearing of you. It isn’t.

  3. qwints says

    There’s nothing embarrassing about acknowledging and deconstructing one’s own biases. Please continue to do so Artor.

  4. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    You’re right, Qwints. But using the present tense, “I try not to” doesn’t really communicate regret or deconstructing. It communicates, “I’m OK with that and you should be too.” Perhaps it was just unartfully worded.

  5. Hj Hornbeck says

    But I feel like the term “feminist” is exclusionary.

    Odd. If the movement is primarily about promoting equality across sex and gender, the only people they’d have good reason to exclude would be sexis-

    … oooohhhh. Yeah, I can see why Glenn would feel excluded.

    But the word “feminist” has gotten such a hawwrible reputation from modern feminists and like I said it’s exclusionary.

    Lemmie guess: she doesn’t name a single example? [pops open the video] YEP, called it. I was also struck by how often she called it exclusionary; things don’t become more real through repetition. As for transgender exclusion, we’ve got that covered, thanks.

    So stop the nonsense, stop saying patriarchy for every damn thing, and stop making everything about you [with a forceful gesture].

    Yeah, because it’s so selfish to be concerned about basic human rights and systematic inequality.

  6. Pliny the in Between says

    Feminism probably would be exclusionary if the inequalities and hostilities the movement sought to rectify were eliminated. Based on a quick read of the FtB headlines, I’m guessing that will be awhile.

  7. clamboy says

    Gaa! Straw…dictionary…elevator…broad brush…tehmenz…Muslima…et cetera.

    It’s not insightful, it’s not interesting, and yet this person is perceived as representing a serious and novel viewpoint. People, such as Ophelia Benson, who have already heard and swiftly done away with these arguments on nearly countless occasions, are now supposed to use their precious time in addressing these facile points yet again??? What a freaking bore.

  8. drken says

    She even included the “feminists think all heterosexual sex is rape” trope. An oldie but a goodie. I’m surprised she didn’t mention “Newton’s rape manual”. But, I’m sure that’s for another video. She strikes me as yet another “reasonable” activist, defined as any activist that criticizes other activists using their opponents talking points. Because she’s one of the good ones. Maybe she’ll get a cookie.

  9. clamboy says

    @drken: you are right. That’s one I forgot to mention, “the Dworkin gambit,” one of the pointless arrows in the quiverful known as “the radfem riposte.”

    Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull. Infuriating, but dull, dull, dull, dull, dull.

  10. says

    Really? The elevator? Did she refer to McDonald’s coffee being hot too?

    If your only way to make your point is to misrepresent everyone’s arguments, maybe you shouldn’t record yourself trying to make that point and share it with thousands of people.

  11. says

    But I feel like the term “feminist” is exclusionary.

    How about “atheism”?

    But the word “feminist” has gotten such a hawwrible reputation from modern feminists and like I said it’s exclusionary.

    How about “atheism”?

    So stop the nonsense, stop saying patriarchy for every damn thing, and stop making everything about you

    How about… You know what? Fuck it. Pointing out the flagrant hypocrisy in her arguments is too easy.

  12. fwtbc says

    When she made the elevator reference, I yelled “oh fuck off” at the video and killed that tab.

    Disingenuous fucks deserve no more of my time.

  13. Joe Z says

    I believe it was the reaction to Rebecca Watson’s video that revealed the insidious power of the patriarchy. It demonstrated that there were a lot of men who believed women should be unquestioningly grateful to any attention paid to them by men, no matter how creepily the men behaved, because apparently women supposed to be mind readers and immediately recognize whether a man’s intentions are innocent or not. The fact that so many men flew into a nigh homicidal rage at the suggestion that they modify their behavior to allay the fears of women, who already face a terrifyingly high rate of violence from men, was a chillingly perfect illustration of the patriarchy at work.

  14. Johnny Vector says

    fwtbc: Yep, that was it for me too. “Well maybe I just read different feminists,” I thought as she got started. “Maybe Skepchick and Freethoughblogs and Jezebel aren’t really representative of modern feminism.” “Maybe I’ve been living in a bubble,” I thought, “I should do some wider reading and see if maybe…”

    Elevator. Cup of coffee. “Patriarchy!!”

    Nope. That’s all the proof I need that her feminism needs to stay far from sparks or open flame.

    And I told my FB friends who posted the link approvingly. Should be a good shitsorm there when I get back.

  15. says

    I know I already asked in the other thread, but… why?

    I just don’t fucking understand. Every time a new atheist pops up on YouTube, I get excited! Possibly over nostalgia at the days of YouTube Atheist Yore, when we were laughing at creationists and bonding over the far reach of religion into the public sphere.

    And then they go and pull this shit. I’ve had to drop The Peach, as well, and I really thought she’d be better. I wanted Jaclyn to be better. I was so hoping…

    Goddamnit why?

  16. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Of course she makes an elevator reference. After all, she has the attention of the Mighty Dawk now, and there’s no better way to get on his Saturnalia cards list than to take passive-agressive jabs at Rebecca Watson.

  17. anon9 says

    Well the term in a way is, it suggest that the movement focuses on women’s rights over men’s and actually the movement is very focused on women’s rights, for an example misogyny is one of the most used subjects here.

    Does her social status invalidate her claims? Feminism does blame patriarchy/misogyny on allot of stuff, often ignoring context.

    Also the elevator story is frankly ridiculous if asking someone for coffee because you find them interesting is the bar for sexism then the only way to not be sexist is seems is to avoid any contact with people at all…

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