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The anti-abortion fanatics have succeeded in dragging the abortion discussion way the hell over in their direction, so that even in places where you can have one you’re still regarded as scum for doing so. NBC refuses to run an ad that mentions it.

NBC turned down ads for the new movie “Obvious Child” because it deals with abortion, sources tell Page Six.

The A24 Films release stars former “SNL” star Jenny Slate as a Brooklyn comic who gets pregnant after a one-night stand and elects to have an abortion.

Other networks “had no problem airing an ad that included the word ‘abortion’ in it,” a source said, adding the film’s distributor “wasn’t trying to purchase ads during ‘Today’ or daytime,” but “during ‘SNL’ ” and primetime sitcoms.

A source close to NBC denied the claim, saying the network was given a rough cut of a trailer, but after “feedback” was given, a final spot wasn’t submitted.

But a different source countered that NBC’s “feedback” was that the subject matter was inappropriate for viewers, and to cut the word abortion.

It’s taboo. They’ve won that fight.

I objected to this situation in the most recent Free Inquiry.


  1. screechymonkey says

    It would be really nice if all of the comedians who get indignant about “censorship” whenever anyone criticizes a comic — I’m looking at you, Ricky Gervais, and Penn Jillette (who apparently fancies himself a Ph.D. in Comediology) — would show some consistency and stand up for their colleague here. Or if all of the Toshes who fight so vigorously for their “right” to make rape jokes without criticism would stand up for a fellow comic trying to advertise a movie that mentions abortion.

    And maybe they will. Circling the wagons to defend their own seems to be the one thing you can count on them for.

    My own opinion is that NBC has the right to reject any ad it wants, but this is a sad way to use that discretion.

  2. screechymonkey says


    Damn, I keep forgetting. I thought that women might be eligible to be counted as comedians because Penn Jillette cited Sarah Silverman in his rant about offensive jokes. I figured maybe that meant they counted, but of course you’re right, it’s only for certain limited purposes.

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