Hanging in Seattle

It was a fun evening yesterday, the hangout with PZ and friends. The secret location was Olympic Sculpture Park, which was my brilliant idea – I’ve talked about it here before, because it’s one of Seattle’s better urban amenities and it’s in walking distance of where I live. It’s on a slope overlooking Elliot Bay and Puget Sound and the mountains. It was a perfect evening for it, breezy, bright, and with the late sunset of almost-solstice.

Deanna Lyons took some pictures of the killer sunset and she gave me permission to post some.

Deanna Joy Lyons

Deanna Joy Lyons


  1. says

    Just what I thought.

    I love the chairs. So great, but such a rare amenity in parks. Without the chairs it wouldn’t have been such a good choice at all.

    I guess they’re a byproduct of the art. The art means there have to be guards, and guards can keep the chairs from disappearing.

  2. Reverend PJ says

    We had a great time. I enjoyed the chance to put faces to names on the screen.

  3. geekgirlsrule says

    I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it. Surprise 11 hour day at work, and by the time I got home I was not fit for human consumption. I’m glad a good time was had by all.


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