Good start

The Ex-Hijabi Fashion Photo Journal is a success already, it was a success before Marwa had even posted anything. Now that’s an idea with legs.

Heina has a post.

I usually answer, with a smile, that I was happy. In fact, it was one of the happiest days of my life. It was the day I took my first permanent, documented, public step as an ex-Muslim ex-hijabi. 

Sidra M has a post.

I think we do ourselves a disservice when we culturally homogenize ourselves when we’re such incredibly interesting people on the inside. My current appearance has everything to do with what makes me feel beautiful and empowered, exactly what the hijab was a representation for me then (but would not be now). My sense of morality comes from a mix of what I was raised with, the values I appreciate in others, and the love and awe I feel when I consider the scientific, reproducible model of the known universe.

There’s a story about the brand-new blog on Medialite.

Not a bad first day!


  1. says

    Yes, isn’t it so overwhelming and exciting! Thank you for posting about it (again)!

    We also published Reem’s piece, and there are a bunch of women in the process of working on their photos and stories. I’m so excited! Here’s Reem’s:

    Hemant also just gave us some great publicity!

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