If it doesn’t look the right color I suppose

More bonus! Global Secular Council on Twitter shyly calls me a racist. I love this group!


Luther @Luther101010 12h

@SecuarCouncil pointless to engage and her ilk. No matter what your Org goal is unless it promotes their causes it’s bad.

Secular Council @SecularCouncil 11h

Or even if it does support their causes, apparently. If it doesn’t look the right color I suppose.

Well it’s like this – one of my “causes” is recognition that the United States is not the whole world, and that the whole world contains a lot more than the United States. It follows from that that another of my “causes” is recognition that it’s outrageously arrogant to call yourself “Global” when your personnel is confined to the United States and the United Kingdom (and one person from Sweden).

So that’s two of my “causes” that the Global Secular Council doesn’t support.

That’s not an exhaustive list though.


  1. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    “But we support secularism, so you HAVE to support us.”

    If they were a religious group, they’d be Douchebags for Jesus.

  2. Al Dente says

    The Globular Secular Council is annoyed that some people don’t hold them in the esteem to which the Council feels entitled.

  3. Kevin Kehres says

    It would be more accurate if they called themselves the Anglo-Saxon Secular Council. Or perhaps the Aryan Secular Council. They all look the part.

  4. R Johnston says

    If they were a religious group, they’d be Douchebags for Jesus.

    They are a religious group. They’re just not a theist group. They clearly, however, hold fast to religious faith. They believe, regardless of evidence, that they are a global council, when they are by any standards related to the English language–the native language of the whole bunch, yet still a language they do not understand–neither global nor a council. They have faith in their right to preach from on high and pass down their golden words to the peons. They have faith in their right to an audience, that they are so special that everyone must take them seriously. They believe themselves to be superior beings speaking holy words.

    Fuck it. They are theists. They just have different gods than most.

  5. tonyinbatavia says

    For thought leaders with the best minds, it sure is astounding that they can be so tin eared and clueless.

    Here’s an idea: If you aren’t big enough to cop to the fact that you screwed up your launch — and clearly this group of numbskulls has demonstrated that it can’t — then at least shut up until you have taken the right steps to fix the problems.

    Here’s another idea, which works really well in tandem with the first idea: Listen to your fucking critics. This high-mindedness and we-know-better-than-you-so-shut-up-you-critics approach is a loser. Every time. (See also: brights; “Dear Muslima”; airport profiling.)

    If you can’t listen to your critics, you can’t be respected. If we can’t respect you, you can’t represent us.

  6. Claire Ramsey says

    The Global Whatever Council Maestro de Tweet has already learned to twist stuff around. . . “not the right color” – that is such a stupid thing to say. . . it comes after “reverse discrimination” in the dictionary of offensive ill-constructed mal educado structures of huffiness.

    So mortifying. . .

  7. psanity says

    As my grandma would say, the whole thing just tickles me pink. A whole dinner table worth of great thinkers, and nobody noticed how grandiosely they were describing themselves? Apparently their highfalutin’ educations didn’t bestow an understanding of hubris, nor their life experiences teach them how to build a broadly supported organization (grassroots up).

    They’ve designed a walled garden, and they want everyone to admire how pretty it is, based on their description. Then, when people point out that their description sounds silly, and not very attractive, they’re all hurt that everybody can’t just appreciate this grand effort they’re making toward beauty and high walls.

  8. says

    If they had just called themselves, “The Secular Council on Domestic and Foreign Policy” it would have been a better reflection of what they are. They’re US/UK based group that wants to focus on influencing policy in those countries, and use those countries to influence the world.

  9. hoary puccoon says

    The Global Secular Movement has a huge disadvantage vis a vis equally pompous religious leaders. It’s tough to convince people you have a private pipeline to The Thoughts of God when you don’t believe in god.

  10. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    They’re also retweeting numerous Slymetypes. Clearly, they’ve made their stance very clear and their stance is “eff everybody who doesn’t worship us.”

  11. Blanche Quizno says

    Oh come now, my dear! The sun never sets on the British Empire! Lie back and think of England, why don’t you? Otherwise, you might find yourself overtaken with an attack of the vapours!

  12. Blanche Quizno says

    You know, counting this, it’s two astonishing missteps for Bill Nye (the Science Guy). He’s managed to build up an admirable reputation through his devotion to science and rationality, and yet there he is, signing up to debate some clueless creationist Christian mouthpiece, which no matter which way it ends will only enrich and fund the creationist cause, the antithesis of everything Nye has stood for (and built that wonderful reputation of his upon). And now this…Bill, we hardly knew ye!

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