But it was such a good story

That nonsense about Obama not wanting to call Boko Haram terrorists? It’s just another stupid right-wing talking point.

Aside from attacking Michelle Obama for publicly showing concern and lying about President Obama, one of the major spokes in the conservative effort to politicize the kidnapping of 284 schoolgirls in Nigeria has been to criticize the Obama administration for not designating Boko Haram (the group responsible for the abductions) a terrorist organization.

Why, then, is there all this video of President Obama calling Boko Haram a terrorist organization, long before the State Department changed its designation?

The mainstream media has also picked up the narrative. In fact, way back in July of 2013, CNN asked “Why hasn’t the Obama administration labeled ‘Boko Haram’ a terrorist organization?”, when, the month before, there actually was an Obama administration official who called Boko Haram a terrorist organization. Maybe you recognize him:

Another playful lie shot down.



  1. throwaway says

    It’s just how propaganda works. There really is no other word for it any more. The well is one part water ten thousand parts poison. The existence of valid opposing facts are the norm for the RWNJ fart-machine.

    On facebook I saw one of my relatives post a picture of a tweet where someone was complaining that the President honored Michael Sam with a phone call while his buddy’s benefits were being cut. He said our priorities are “messed up”. I totally agree with him – we shouldn’t have any soldiers in harms way in foreign lands we’ve invaded.

  2. Decker says

    The point lay in the fact Obama’s ADMINISTRATION consistently refused to label Boko Harem as a terrorist group.

    Obama’s attitude towards Islam, sharia, human rights is quite wanting. That’s not a rightwing view unless you consider The Huffington Post to be rightwing.

    This administration is for the birds.

    And holding up a sign on twitter is not exactly the same as springing into action.


  3. says

    We live in a visual age. Visual arguments largely consist of juxtaposition … the picture of the starving child next to the picture of the opulent rich guy… makes a kind of statement, but not an argument. Holding a sign up on Twitter is certainly not the same as “springing into action”, but then again, the juxtaposition of these two events is not an argument. It’s just a cheap shot which springs from a rather random juxtaposition of selected events.

  4. says

    The far right in the US live under the delusion that they don’t need to check facts. And they also believe no one else will check facts, that no one will questions what they say.


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