A bad dude

Here’s one I didn’t know about – Todd Kincannon, Tea Party honcho from South Carolina. Crooks and Liars is one source for this tweet (and there are others):

Right Thinking Wingers: Todd Kincannon Edition

I was so impressed by that that I looked him up, and found a Salon article from January.

All the evidence indicates that Todd Kincannon, a former South Carolina GOP operative, is a bad dude. Not only in the sense that he frequently tweets things that are hostile, bigoted and dehumanizing — whichhedoes — but also in the sense that he’s quite likely a sexual harasser, too. A real winner.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, to find that Kincannon, who regards himself as some kind of Twitter provocateur, has caused an outrage on Twitter with his latest barrage of hate-tweets. But instead of focusing his ire on Trayvon Martin, trans* people, or U.S. veterans, Kincannon has set his sights on Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat who is currently in the midst of running her underdog campaign to become the next governor of the Lone Star State.

Let me guess – he gave careful explanations for his disagreement with her policy proposals?

Ok that’s enough of a sample for me. There’s plenty more there.

Good that we don’t live in a misogynist culture, isn’t it.


  1. aziraphale says

    “Wendy Davis has done even more to damage modern feminism…”

    He’ll be supporting her, then?

  2. sambarge says

    So, he manages to disparage women (“cowering like a bitch”) in a post about how his son is real man?

    Boy. He’s classy.

  3. Al Dente says

    I’m always amazed by the macho men who know how they’ll react in a life-or-death situation. Except in Kincannon’s case he’s saying how someone else will react in that situation.

    Fun fact: Only about 15 to 20% of trained infantry soldiers shoot at the enemy in a firefight. The rest just blaze away aimlessly (literally) or freeze. So the chances that an untrained, inexperienced person being unexpectedly shot at will shoot back to kill are pretty low, assuming they have a firearm at all.

  4. tiko says

    A misogynist says something misogynist about a misogynist who did something terrible because of misogyny.
    But apparently a lot of people still think there’s no such thing as misogyny.

  5. RJW says


    Yes, the moron is a complete fantasist, obviously he thinks there’s something phallic about guns, ‘bitches’ cower, sons shoot back.

    Misogyny would be considerably less lethal if Americans civilised their firearms laws, it can be done.

  6. CWilson says

    When Elliot Rodger fired into a deli and shot student Chris Martinez the only person who didn’t run was a young woman, Alyssa Cooper, 19 years old, who crouched down and called the police and then tried to revive Martinez with CPR. It was all caught on surveillance video footage, which I just saw on a news program. About 5 or 6 men run away, and Alyssa Cooper stays and tries to help.

    So fuck you Mr. “cowering like a bitch” Todd Kincannon.

  7. SC Lurker says

    De-lurking since I’m in upstate SC and I knew this guy, Kincannon. Struck me as perhaps slightly smarter than the average Erskine grad (Erskine has fired bio profs for teaching evolution). He tried science grad school but couldn’t cut it–couldn’t compete in the classroom with smart grad students from out-of-state or out-of-country. And he sure didn’t want to put in long hours in the research lab. Typical local good ‘ol boy who thinks his smug swagger and mediocre local connections will be his ticket to success. His research advisor gave him the boot. Since then, he picked up a law degree, and as a presumably underemployed lawyer has been engaging in shenanigans in area city councils, threatening people with lawsuits, etc.. according to the Greenville SC paper.

    He is also the only person I’ve ever met that liked drinking “Mike’s Hard Lemonade”. Disgusting!

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