The honors list

Maryam has been made a Laureate of the International Academy of Humanism, which is a CFI thing full of starry stars. AC Grayling, Taslima Nasrin, Harold Kroto, Leo Igwe, Patricia Churchland, Dan Dennett, Rebecca Goldstein, Susan Jacoby, Wendy Kaminer, Jonathan Miller, Salman Rushdie, Peter Singer, Wole Soyinka, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Keith Thomas…and lots more.

Very cool.

Here’s the whole list.


  1. says

    The list? What do you mean the list? What list? The list of Laureates? What a ridiculous question – there are 70 people on it. I mentioned a few of my particular favorites.

    I didn’t “remove” anyone from anything.

    You’ve never commented here before, at least under that name. Do you have an agenda? Are you worried that I’m harming Richard Dawkins in some way by not mentioning him in this post? I don’t think that’s something you need to worry about.

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    Hoooooboy – so the harassers are apparently up in arms because I didn’t mention Dawkins in this post. The comment @ 4 actually came in before the one @ 2, but I overlooked it until just now so I changed the time stamp to make things chronological in terms of question and response.

    My “deliberate edit” of what? I didn’t edit anything. I looked at the list on the page where the full list is – the one linked in the last line of the post. I didn’t paste in the whole list; that would be silly. I selected some of my top favorites from the list.

    Is the complaint that Maryam included Dawkins in her list of favorites and I didn’t? But Maryam’s list is of some of Maryam’s favorites; my list is a list of some of my favorites. I’m allowed to have different favorites from Maryam. Dawkins has done a lot for Maryam and her work, and props to him for that, absolutely. That still doesn’t mean I’m required to mention him in this post.

    What a stupid hobby you people have.

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