Rayhaneh Jabbari still breathes

Fox News (it’s the only source for this I’ve seen) says the execution of Rayhaneh Jabbari has been postponed. She was scheduled to be killed today.

The government announced that the execution will be postponed but did not give any indication the sentence had been overturned. It also did not disclose if any future execution date had been set.

Jabbari, who has already served seven years in prison, claims Sarbandi drugged her and attempted to have physical contact with her.

Activists around the globe have been working tirelessly to prove Jabbari’s innocence and to have her death sentence revoked.

And have apparently managed to win a delay.

“She has been tortured in so many ways in prison. They may have pressured her to confess,” said Shabnam Assadollahi, an Iranian activist based in Canada.

Assadollahi and three other women, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Shadi Paveh and Mina Ahadi, launched an international campaign to shed light on Jabbari’s case

They successfully circulated a petition that gathered more than 126,700 signatures from around the world.

Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations’ special investigator on human rights also spoke up against the execution, stating that Jabbari did not receive a fair trial and that she should be re-tried because she acted out of self-defense.

Next step, a re-trial and an acquittal? Go for it, Iran.


  1. Gordon Willis says

    Only, they don’t seem to know how to do trials. Do you think that they might get better with practice — retrial, have another go, you know? Oh, and how to do investigations. And evidence (like — the concept, and what it is, and what it isn’t, and its practical uses, and so on). And doing without enforced confessions… Or they could just say she’s been in prison seven years and let her go. Or would that need practice, too?

  2. karmacat says

    Are they just delaying with the hope that people will lose interest in her cause and then execute her when no one is paying attention? I hope not

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