El salvador

Hey who knew, god has a Facebook page – or rather, God, since if there’s a Facebook page, the person behind it must be a person, i.e. God.

So God has a Facebook page.

It’s pretty funny.

Here’s another one.

Riley Robertson's photo.

Let me save you

From what I’m going to do to you if you don’t worship me.

It’s having some innocent fun with Fred Phelps, naturally.


  1. Blanche Quizno says

    um…”El Salvador”? That’s apparently the title to this page (or a jumble of numbers).

  2. Forbidden Snowflake says

    Blanche, “el salvador” does mean “the savior” in Spanish, so it makes sense.
    Or maybe the title was supposed to go with a piece on El Salvador. Dunno.

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