After their meeting with the Student Union the Southbank University AHS peeps went for coffee and what did they see?

what had already been placed behind protective glass??? #EpicWin #SecularSelfie

Photo: So after our meeting with South Bank Students' Union, we had a quick coffee. Walking out, guess what had already been placed behind protective glass??? #EpicWin #SecularSelfie

Posted totally with permission


  1. fwtbc says

    I can’t see the image and the alt text isn’t useful.

    Is it the image that had previously been taken down that’s shown?

  2. says

    Oh, sorry – it’s a photo of three of the AHS students – two women one man – giving huge gleeful/mocking smiles and pointing to the FSM poster under protective glass.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    Well, since I emailed the SU earlier (in response to your earlier post) to complain about the censorship I thought I might as well email them again to say thank you. So I did. (and I very much agree that they shouldn’t have done this shit in the first place, but what the hell I suppose there’s no harm in trying to say something nice)

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