Mistaken, or pretending?

Once more I have to link to the Daily Mail. What is this thing where once in awhile the Mail publishes something good?! It’s so disconcerting. Today’s something good is a neener-neener for the mayor of Sochi who told the world there are no gays in Sochi.

As statements go, last week’s assertion by the mayor of Sochi that there are no gays in the resort hosting the Winter Olympics deserves a gold medal in gibberish.

Ridicule was immediately heaped on Anatoly Pakhomov, a burly Vladimir Putin supporter, after his views were broadcast on the BBC’s Panorama programme, prompting yet more concern over Russia’s fitness to host the Winter Games – the  ‘Putin Olympics’ – which open in five days’ time.

Now, one local gay man has written a scathing open letter to the 53-year-old mayor, making it clear that he is definitely not the only gay in the Olympic Village.

‘The absurdity of your statement is similar to the old canard that there was no sex in the USSR,’ said 24-year-old tour guide Andrey Ozerny.

‘You are mistaken or simply pretending when you say you do not know one single gay person.

‘Believe me, there are enough of them in your own administration, and you probably often share meeting rooms or offices with them.’

It’s Schrödinger’s gays.

Another more famous gay club – Mayak – offers nightly drag shows for up to 400 customers in a dimly  lit, one-storey building close to the seafront.

There is no sign outside because it has been ripped down so often by homophobic youths. The dancers include a Muslim former butcher, an Armenian who also owns a strip club, and a Ukrainian who loves to sing like Whitney Houston and dress like Adele.

The best of the best: A poster for the Mayak gay club pokes fun at the forthcoming winter Games

The best of the best: A poster for the Mayak gay club pokes fun at the forthcoming winter Games

In a gold sequin dress, drag queen Andrei Kavaltshian, 44, is well known in Sochi. He powders his cleavage before risking a joke about Putin: ‘Our president has sensual lips and such a toned body.’

The mayor’s strange lack of knowledge is tackled by Andrei Tanichev, co-owner of the Mayak.

‘There are many gays in Sochi, more than in most Russian cities,’ he said. ‘Our mayor knows this. He is fully aware of our club, and was in touch with us long before this TV programme.’

Not Schrödinger’s then. More like bullshitter’s.


  1. rnilsson says

    Como? Chomo-Sochials? What! Chere, in maya Sochi? I am shoched – shoched, I tell ya.
    / fake Capitain Rénault

  2. johnthedrunkard says

    Somewhere in the Collected Letters and Essays, Orwell wrote:
    ‘The truth is still true, even if it turns up in the Daily Mail.’


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