1. Al Dente says

    Doesn’t Taslima look angelic?

    That was written while butter wasn’t melting in Ophelia’s mouth

  2. sonderval says

    Doesn’t Taslima look angelic?

    Probably I’m missing something.
    Yes she does, but would her message be any less correct or important if she were 90 years old, wrinkled and unkempt?

  3. sonderval says

    I honestly have no idea how you look like, and I don’t think it is important – I like your blog, you write great articles, that’s what counts for me. I was (and still am) puzzled why her looking angelic was something you wanted to stress, since remarking on the looks of someone when this is not at all related to their topic at hand is usually considered as wrong here at FTB. I’m trying to understand why this is not the case here, that’s why I wrote that I am probably missing something.
    I apologise if this sounded like an attack, it was not meant as such.

  4. Mimmoth says

    She looks lovely. Her message would, in my opinion, be correct however she looked, but it may be of practical use that she looks lovely–people are influenced by that. So I’m glad that she looks lovely and glad that she is speaking sense at the same time.

  5. says

    Ok sonderval, sorry I was snippy. I’ll try to explain.

    Mostly it was just a comment on the fact that she does look “angelic” (like angels in paintings etc) and that’s amusing given the quotation.

    The rest was just a jokey little comment about the way Taslima combines warmth and ferocity. I’ve spent a little time in her company in real life and we’re friends (and she’s a blog colleague!) and that is what she’s like.

    It was much more about her expression than about her appearance as such.

  6. Gordon Willis says

    She’s beautiful. She is also right. Religion actively prevents women living like human beings. It also actively discourages men from living like human beings. In fact, it’s antihuman, impossible to live, morally destructive and greedy for human minds. All while being infinitely better than sliced bread (though of course we wouldn’t have sliced bread or any other human amenity if it were not for religion — as is proved by countless transcendently visited pieces of toast).

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