Have years of taunts, trolling and cruel quips taken their toll

Oh brilliant, another one. An Olympic gold medallist in swimming got so much bullying shit for having a non-pert nose that she got a nose job.

Have years of taunts, trolling and cruel quips taken their toll on Britain’s most successful swimmer?

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington, 25, apparently underwent nose slimming surgery at a top Harley Street clinic this month, it has been reported.

The retired athlete, who also won two bronze medals at the London 2012 Olympics, has previously expressed her struggle to come to terms with her own body image.

Surprise surprise. Total strangers went out of their way to tell her they think she’s ugly. It had an effect. How astonishing!

Adlington went on to admit that she found the criticism about her appearance the most challenging aspect of taking part in the Olympics.

She said: “It was the hardest thing to get used to, I thought: ‘ Why do people judge me for the way I look?’ It’s not as if I was trying to be a model.

“I always had a bit of an insecurity about the way I looked growing up. I knew that I wasn’t the most attractive girl at school.

“Even when I’d been on a night out, no boys would want to talk to me. So those comments hurt.”

She also cited the inequalities of media scrutiny over the appearance of male athletes compared to female athletes.

“It’s hard for a woman. A woman has to deal with it – and that’s never easy.

“A guy doesn’t get comments on his weight or his looks.”

Ah well, it keeps the plastic surgeons employed.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    fucking hell
    She should have moved her nose to the top of her head.
    Like a dolphin.
    That would be more pert.

  2. leni says

    Adlington went on to admit that she found the criticism about her appearance the most challenging aspect of taking part in the Olympics.


    Female privilege! She should be glad her nose is distracting everyone from her total inability to compete at an Olympic level.

    Also, she wouldn’t have got that criticism at all if she didn’t steal that job from a more capable Afghan man.


  3. sacharissa says

    A girl in my class at school had plastic surgery to make her ears stick out less. She was about 15 and new to our school. I had never noticed anything wrong with her ears and had assumed her surgery was for medical reasons. Later she showed us an article about it in a teen magazine. She said there that she wanted it done because the boys at her old school used to call her “Dumbo”.

  4. Athywren says

    Well this clearly just proves that women are inferior and irrational! After all, if she were capable of using logic, taunts would not matter to her. You know, because of how being logical and having emotions are incompatible, and also because failing to be logical makes your emotional state irrelevant anyways.
    /exasperated sarcasm

    Oh wow, there’s actually a serious comment in there like that…

    I somehow doubt [Frankie Boyle would] resort to surgery like this given that he doesn’t seem the type to let negative comments about his appearance, which I’m sure he’d be the first to admit isn’t stunning, upset him.

    And, see, since someone who doesn’t face a constant obsession with his looks wouldn’t be bothered by a single comment, then there’s no reason at all for Ms Adlington to be effected by a deluge of them! Because we all live in the present moment alone, and have no memories of past events, nor do any of us have emotions or different experiences based on gender, race, sexuality, etc. Hooray for this utopia in which we live.

  5. Jackie, all dressed in black says

    Somewhat OT: My husband and I saw an ad for “half off a facial consultation” by a plastic surgeon a few days ago. The original price was $300. We laughed, because we could not imagine paying someone to tell you you’re ugly. It’s a service many people are willing to provide for free, but I guess some people want to hear it from a professional.

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