1. Al Dente says

    It took me a moment to realize that’s a burqa. I was originally thinking what did ninjas have to do with decolonization.

  2. johnthedrunkard says

    The screen cap is small on my screen. I saw balaclava (=bank robber/terrorist) rather than burqa/niqab.

  3. Gordon Willis says

    Decolonise where, exactly? Should all the people in balaclavas be sent “back” to the Crimea, then?

  4. Alice says

    When I was in screenprinting, we printed T shirts for this group, who were mostly Latino. So I think Ryan at #5 is right.

  5. Al Dente says

    I showed this to my daughter. Her comment was “A picture is worth a thousand words but I don’t understand the words.”

  6. brucegee1962 says

    By the logic of these people, suttee was simply a quaint local custom, and the evil British colonizers showed their horribleness when they attempted to wipe it out. We should demonstrate how enlightened and anti-colonial we are today by forcing widows to immolate themselves on their husbands’ funeral pyres. Or something.

  7. Gordon Willis says

    Personally, I think that everyone called Julia should be sent back to the Roman Empire and everyone called Gordon should be sent back to Scotland and everyone called Willis should be sent back to Sax… no, wait a minute. (My middle name is Welsh, but I’m not telling you what it is).

    The logic of these people is that they are going to tell you what your culture is and they are going to tell you how you are going to live. And you can’t have an opinion of your own, or change your mind. Or move house (except to somewhere in “the West” or “the North”, I gather).

  8. Gordon Willis says

    Oh, all right, you can have an opinion of your own, but it has to grow “legitimately” out of “your” “culture” and no one should help you if you get stoned for it.

  9. says

    Definitely looks more balaclavish than burqaic to me – it appears to be knitted if you zoom in close. A cursory scratch at google didn’t reveal any more info on ‘2014 Decolonize’ (though one of the options, delightfully, offered the opportunity to ‘decolonise your diet’ – a gutsy pun I hope) … but I’m going for the ‘Latin American revolutionary’ hypothesis rather than the ‘burqa-clad Islamist’ hypothesis on this one.

  10. says

    Al Dente and others, the garment that person is wearing is NOT a burqa. Google “burqa” for images: the burqa completely obscures the wearer and has mesh covering the eyes. The garment in the image is wooly and looks far more like a balaclava than anything else, and the person in the image doesn’t appear to be female at all.

    Also, if you look at either the Tumblr

    or the Twitter

    for Decolonize Media, you’ll see the slogan, “Breaking down the false representation. United in the movement for Indigenous Liberation. Tactical support for the struggle. Organize. Mobilize. Decolonize.”

  11. Al Dente says

    My middle name is Welsh, but I’m not telling you what it is

    It’s Jones. All the Welsh are named Jones.

  12. Gordon Willis says

    Jones? Jones? Perhaps you mean Davies Defus? Anyway, those are saesnach names, stinking of creeping saxonification, look you. No true Welshman would, and I definitely don’t.

  13. Katherine Woo says

    I am pretty sure it is a ski mask. That is definitely a knit fabric. I would say pretty much every women’s Islamic head-covering i have seen t is either woven or a smooth-finish knit.

    In any case, if they really want to “decolonize” I suggest they abandon all media connected to oppressive colonial-era European constructs like electricity, radio, and television. I think the fruits of the MIC (as they refer to it) like the Internet and cellphones should be off limits as well.

    I look forward to seeing Maoist-Marxist, Islamo-fascist, and other righteously post-colonial missives being hand-copied by candle light and delivered by hand from one revolutionary cell to the next.

  14. Gordon Willis says

    So let’s agree that what we have here is a fierce-looking person with menacing eyebrows and a funny hat. Perhaps it’s an advert for colonic irrigation, or colonic amputation, or something: purity is good for you, and it doesn’t really hurt — well, not much.

  15. Gordon Willis says

    Yes. Mere semicolons deserve death. Let us praise the fully committed eyebrow of post-liberal modernism and … oh bugger, I think I got lost somewhere.

  16. Gordon Willis says

    @David Hart #12

    You know, I do like “burqaic”. I think of it as rhyming with mosaic or archaic. Would you mind if I borrow it, occasionally?

  17. says

    Feel free, Gordon Willis. That’s how I would rhyme it too … though my non-native-english-speaking friends do chide me for confusing them by making up bogus forms of words on a regular basis 🙂

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