Prairie voles are Christians

Hey, Patricia Churchland does the Colbert Report. Oxytocin, prairie voles and montane voles, bonding, the self is in the brain, what about the soul?

Any time people try to tell you how great Sam Harris’s take on morality is, just tell them to read Patricia Churchland instead.



  1. chigau (違う) says

    While I’m waiting for some version to load to my FiPad…
    are you sure it’s not ground-hogs?
    I mean, like, resurrection …

  2. Joey Maloney Who Is Unable To Login For Some Obscure Reason says

    If voles are Christians, my cat is in a lot of trouble…

  3. Al Dente says

    If voles are Christians, my cat is in a lot of trouble…

    Voles are to Christians as cats are to lions. The major difference is that cats don’t come with colosseums (colossea?).

  4. sambarge says

    Whenever I watch Colbert, I’m never sure if the audience is cheering the satirist or the character he’s playing.

  5. Shatterface says

    The irony is that the RSC are receiving support from Sinn Fein.

    The world is a bit weird.

  6. Shatterface says

    They specialise in affectionate parody so I can’t imagine there’s anything particularly controversial in the play.

    It really does look like someone desperately looking for something to be ‘offended’ by.

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