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    Very amusing.

    What’s been heartening is how the political establishment has come out and spoken. Cameron, Gove – their usual haters have been gasping, Cripes I agree with these Tory creeps for once in my life. There’s been nil defence or even equivocation from guys like Jack Straw who used to waiver. Straw may be a straw in the wind – this may indicate that there’s a definite fed-upedness in the Great British Public about this kind of crap and your party won’t lose a vote if you say you won’t put up with it.

    The sense I had was of cultural norms being violated and outraged. People were reacting viscerally, including Cameron. We’re not having this kind of behaviour here.

    The BBC has been really good. I caught an item on the World Service News this morning at 1am.

    (For non BBC listeners the World Service deals with world affairs and not so much with domestic stuff, unless it’s significant. For others, you should have skipped this redundant explanation.)

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