Another spam compliment

You have to admit.

…this website is genuinely fastidious and the people are actually sharing good thoughts.


  1. bcmystery says

    It’s so nice the way you tidy up after yourself. Too many bloggers leave the bread out on the counter, bag open, and then just set the plate in the sink without even rinsing it. And don’t get me started on how many blogs have half-empty water glasses and piles of unfolded laundry lying around.

  2. says


    I recently updated my antispam stuff, trying to get a handle on the constant comment spam. Seem to have tamed it. I hope. I really do.

    But yeah, there’s a tonne of it in that general vein–isn’t your blog pretty, aren’t you a great writer. Commenters, there’s mixed reviews–some it’s ‘a lot of ’em don’t know what they’re talking about’, some is more ‘isn’t this a great discussion’…

    Re the former, though, it’s funny. I guess the bots’ programmers figure somehow maybe that’ll help–we’ll say nice things, things we hope you might agree with, and maybe you won’t mind that we’re flogging counterfeit designerware or pharmaceuticals or whatever it is…

    I feel like telling them (but don’t anybody) since there’s a few layers of learning pattern recognition in the system now, actually, that’s probably not the way to go; the filters are probably very, very cynical, about that kind of thing in their own little hash-based digital way now…

    I feel almost bad for those filters, come to think of it… They’ll never believe anything nice anything says about them, ever, now. And there probably is a really good metaphor there for human behaviour, come to think of it…

    And then again, since there’s also some mild ‘oh, um, do you really know what you’re talking about’ spam coming in, I guess what it really is, is the filters are probably also learning not to take stuff like that lying down, either…

    So maybe they’re more just really cagey about motive, now, And it’s: whatever you’re saying about us, we’re gonna first take a hard look at what you’re selling…

    (/So, yeah. If it’s that, I guess they are learning.)

  3. says

    bc, I’m so tidy that I can’t exit a page where I’ve highlighted something without unhighlighting it first.

    Which is laughable, because domestically, I’m about as untidy as it’s possible to be.

  4. says

    @1: A few years ago the website/blog of….OK, I’ll be vague to avoid embarrassing the people involved: an atheist/humanist group I used to belong, received one of those comments. One of the admins — not someone you would call an internet-savvy person — thanked the commenter. IIRC my wife dropped them a line to let them know what sort of thing it was.

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