It’s provocation

What the hell happened to personal responsibility? Eh? Waah waah waah, they provoked me, make them stop – that’s all we ever hear. Man up, anti-choicers! If someone offers you more wine an abortion clinic to target with violence, you can just say no.

Amanda Marcotte tells us the anti-choicers in Wichita are arguing over this point, now that a new clinic has opened where Dr Tiller’s used to be until an anti-choicer shot him dead in a church.

But now there’s a new clinic in town where Dr. Tiller’s used to be, and irate anti-choice groups are petitioning the city to have it shut down.

Their reasoning is that the clinic, the South Wind Women’s Center, provokes them into harassing the people going in and out of it, and because they understand that they are super annoying people, they would like the provocation taken away. 

Better yet, an intra-fundamentalist controversy has erupted over the question of exactly how provocative the clinic is. One group says that medical workers providing private abortion care are deliberately provoking gun violence and have to be stopped before some hapless responsible gun owner who brings a gun to an abortion clinic ends up in jail because a meanie doctor pushed him to murder. The other groups say that while they fully agree that the clinic is making them harass its workers and patients, it’s a step too far to suggest they’re pushing anyone to shoot at them.

That’s very disappointing. Surely they should be united on this question. Personal responsibility, I tell you.


  1. Jenora Feuer says

    … So, they’re flat out admitting they’re specifically going for a heckler’s veto?

  2. Randomfactor says

    Tiller was shot in a church, while performing duties there.

    Clearly churches are dangerous.

  3. Jacob Schmidt says

    I think you missed a strike out

    If someone offers you more wine an abortion clinic to target with violence, you can just say no.

    like so?

    Tim Moore (from the comments in the 2nd link) had a great comment explaining what would happen in any reasonable world:

    Anti-choice activists: We demand that you rule to close the clinic because our protests are disruptive to the community.

    Judge: Um, yeah, I’m going to go ahead and not do that. However, I will place an injunction on your groups from protesting at the clinic since you admit that your harassment and intimidation is disruptive to the community, goes against the common good and is therefore not covered by the first amendment.

    Anti-choice activists: Uhh…

  4. Jeremy Shaffer says

    What the hell happened to personal responsibility?

    That only applies to people that are not them. You know, like dirty sluts that get themselves pregnant and the like.


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