Big Dublin-explore this morning.. Where did I go, you don’t ask. Let’s see…

Through the back gate to Trinity College to the far (west) side, to College Green and Dame Street and Lord Edward Street. (Funny the way the streets get a new name every few yards or meters). Along the north side of Christ Church cathedral, down the hill to the Liffey, along the south bank to the next bridge and across, along the north bank to the next bridge and cross back, up to St Audouen’s church, to the castle for a look at the courtyard, to the spectacular St George’s Street shopping arcade…

To a modern version of that near Stephen’s Green, like Joseph Paxton but with bigger clocks. (Clocks, I said. There’s a gigantic clock on the third floor, with two different faces. I want it.

To Stephen’s Green, to Iveagh Gardens, through Stephen’s Green (yes, again) past Merrion Square to here.

Now for chapter 2. This pesky cold is making me want to laze, but I can laze on the plane, so



  1. says

    I’m insanely jealous, I’ve only been once, but there’s a part of my soul stuck on the Emerald Isle, still puttering around the backstreets of Dublin, wandering the Connacht, watching the sun rise on Dingle. It’s where I want to go to die.

  2. Vall says

    If you have time to leave Dublin, I’d suggest seeing places like Newgrange, or Trim castle.

  3. Scr... Archivist says

    I hope you managed to avoid running into that “Blazes” Boylan. He is a most unpleasant fellow.

  4. smhll says

    I’ve been to Britain three times, once was in June and once was July. The way the time change affects me is that I wake up really early and since sunrise is really early that time of year, then I prowl the city before it wakes up and gets busy and noisy. I find early, early morning to be such a great time of day to take a walk. (People who like to sleep late can still be my friends, though.)

  5. says

    I regularly visit George’s St. arcade to look at paintings and sketches created by Maurice Fitzgerald. See: M. in his wee den here > I also love browsing through the old record albums in the wee old record stalls there. I’m able to tell the trendy young staff that I remember the records first time around, from folk / rock music legends, such as J. Baez, J. Mitchell, the Bee Gees and the like that are on display.

    I concur with Vall with respect of visiting Newgrange and Trim Castle. I’d also add to that list Glendalough, Co Wicklow, the garden of Ireland, where Michelle Obama and her daughters recently visited. The list goes on and on and on of interesting places.

    Pity about the continual cold, windy weather, it shortens ones step. It’s especially windy along the river Liffey area where you went gallivanting.

  6. Claire Ramsey says

    it all sounds like big fun except for the coughing and cold. out (of the plane) germ pigs, out I say!!

  7. M can help you with that. says

    I still need to get to Dublin sometime. I’ve been to Ireland twice, with family (15-20 of us) both times, but we were in “landscapes and really old buildings out in the countryside” mode. (Memories of the first trip are a bit fuzzy, as one carload of us made it a rule to stop for a drink at any appropriate establishment bearing our family name. Which turned out to be rather common in parts of Ireland.)

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