Plan B

In better news – althought it’s better news we shouldn’t have needed in the first place – the Obama admin has lost its more-Republican-than-thou battle to delay a ruling that makes emergency contraceptives available to women and girls of all ages.

Three judges from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit did grant the White House its requested delay to keep one-pill products, like Plan B One-Step, restricted to females 15 and over. The court will not, however, allow any age restrictions on other two-pill emergency contraceptive products.

Well good. Thank you for small favors.


  1. spike13 says

    Five years in and I’m still waiting for “Change I can believe in”.
    A little bit more of this and Obama might replace Clinton as the best republican president since Reagan.
    Didn’t we used to have at least a two party system once?

  2. R Johnston says

    Didn’t we used to have at least a two party system once?

    We have a two party system: The Rockefeller Republicans and the National Front. They are quite different from one another and one is clearly preferable to the other, even if neither of them is remotely sane, liberal, or technocratically inclined.

  3. Hamilton Jacobi says

    I don’t understand why putting two pills together in one suddenly makes it unacceptable for 14-year-olds.

  4. bad Jim says

    This article suggests that the decision was rather strange, since the FDA had concluded that the single pill was actually more appropriate for younger teens than the two-pills-twelve-hours-apart version.

    Perhaps the fact that the two-step product has been around since 1999 made a difference, or perhaps the judge just screwed up.

    (Allow me to repeat a pet peeve: court battles are being fought over an intrinsically safe medication, while lethal quantities of acetaminophen are stocked in grocery stores. A lot of suicides could be prevented and livers saved if Tylenol was only available in blister packs.)

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