No wonder people use pseudonyms when talking trash

People hide their real names when calling people “niggers” and “cunts” because they don’t want to find themselves in the situation Taylor Chapman is, with millions of people knowing what a vile abusive racist sexist person she is, or at least allowed herself to be for nine minutes one evening.

“This shit’s about to go live, bitch!” Chapman screams at a female employee. “Right on Facebook, ’cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night, so I hope you’re happy with your little fucking sand n—er self… I’m about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough, big fat Arabs bombin’ the trade center? I’ll show you tough.”

She also called the employee “a complete cunt sand n—er whore,” and shouted: “I just want my bacon crispy and my people to be nice.” Chapman is even heard on the video wishing the footage gets “a million fucking hits,” which is likely a low estimate of the views it will get thanks to all the media attention since Monday.

Interesting that they don’t spell out “nigger” in full but do spell out “cunt” in full.

Also interesting that Chapman wants “her” people to be nice. Interesting that she puts crispy bacon and nice people on a level; that she talks of “her” people as if they were just as much “hers” as the bacon that she was demanding to get for free; that her idea of “nice” apparently means doing whatever she demands; that she has so little conception of what it is to be “nice” herself.

The Huffington Post reports (via her Twitter account) that she has professional ambitions.

Chapman, the angry customer who according to her Twitter account has her “bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing and [is] working towards my JD in Law”

Hmmmyeah, she’s probably thoroughly sabotaged that plan.


  1. says

    “bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing

    Well, that was some effective communication. I mean, it got her message across perfectly. I don’t think it was the message that she thought it was, though.

  2. A Hermit says

    The young man she’s ranting at deserves a medal for customer service above and beyond the call of duty.

    I think the best moment is when she says she assumes the employees are going to spit in her food, so she’ll give it to her boyfriend instead of eating it herself. Wonder how he feels about that?

  3. says

    I turned off The Daily Show last night after their punchline on the story was Samantha Bee calling Chapman a cunt. Because the best way to respond to racist and misogynistic slurs is with more of the same. Comedy.

    (A was just saying yesterday that I was happy with a story they did the other night. They couldn’t even give me a full day to think things might be improving. Even Colbert, who’s generally much better about sex and gender issues, had a bit recently in which he joked about Lindsey Graham being a “middle-aged lesbian.” Sigh.)

  4. Nentuaby says

    What impresses me about that isn’t the vile terms she decided to express her rage in, it was the very existence of her anger. So she didn’t get a receipt on time. Therefore, she was going to get free food. But she wasn’t going to get that free food until tomorrow. WHAT AN INTOLERABLE AFFRONT.

    I guess that’s an expected failure mode of unexamined privilege… It shifts the mental window of “normal interaction” such that even milder-than-normal deference seems like an assault.

  5. Nathair says

    “This is all being under video surveillance, by the way.” What is that, I-watch-way-too-much-TV speak for “I’m recording this”?

  6. Juniper Ann says

    Times for the people with very short attention spans like me.

    At 4:04-4:30, she relates the terrible tragic tale of the missing receipt to some poor fellow customer (who doesn’t make eye contact and clearly wishes she would go away), culminating in a string of insults about the woman who didn’t give her the receipt.

    At 5:52-6:11, she talks about her history of having her food contaminated by angry servers (no!), and that she’s going to give the food to her boyfriend in case they spit in it.

    At 7:02-7:27, she identifies the drive-through worker who failed to give her a receipt and starts insulting her with racist slurs and statements.

    7:56-8:09, she takes one last chance to insult her adversary.

    Good gravy, this woman is the walking personification of First World Problems.

  7. says

    @Juniper Ann, that bit about the boyfriend was a real wtf. The bigotry obviously is normal to her but she is saying on a video that she intends to post on facebook that she doesn’t mind if they spit/shit/pee in the food because she’s going to feed it to her boyfriend! Presumably he is a facebook friend…

  8. fwtbc says

    Holy shit, talk about an overinflated sense of entitlement, made slightly more annoying by a video shot in portrait.

    Landscape orientation, people, LANDSCAPE!

  9. kevinkirkpatrick says

    @SC (Salty Current), OM

    I was disturbed by that as well. I would’ve thought the Daily Show writers were better than that.

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