The pope still hates “radical feminists”

Oh whew, what a relief, Pope Frank isn’t going to relax the discipline on those pesky radical feminist nuns who are giving the Vatican such a splitting headache. Thank you, Mr Pope!

Pope Francis has reaffirmed the Vatican’s criticism of a body that represents U.S. nuns which the Church said was tainted by “radical” feminism, dashing hopes he might take a softer stand with the sisters.

Nah. Don’t worry about that. Nobody’s going to take any kind of softer stand with any sisters, because that’s where it all stops. If men ever give up the right to tell the sisters to stfu, then it’s all over – the very principle of arbitrary hierarchy and dominance and superiority will be at risk, and if there’s anything we can’t have it’s that. Why? Because little boys have to be able to pump up their egos as they grow up by constantly reminding themselves and each other that at least they’re not girls. Because big men need to keep doing the same thing because hey, it’s always nice to have a little ego boost. Because let’s face it: male stands for strong and brave, and female stands for weak and chickenshit, so obviously there can be no compromise or “softer stand.”

We just have to have it, don’t you see? We have to hang onto the “male better than female” principle for dear life because without it we might ultimately find ourselves with no way to put other people down at all, and then what? Hell on earth, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Francis’s predecessor, Benedict, decreed that the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), a group that represents more than 80 percent of the 57,000 Catholic nuns in the United States, must change its ways, a ruling which the Vatican said on Monday still applied.

Last year, a Vatican report said the LCWR had “serious doctrinal problems” and promoted “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith”, criticizing it for taking a soft line on issues such as birth control and homosexuality.

You may be wondering what on earth “radical feminist” means in that context. Well what does it ever mean? Anything more than the vote and equal pay for equal work, pretty much. It means, basically, thinking there’s anything wrong with treating the female half of the population as an afterthought.


  1. raven says


    I was wondering when the claws and fangs would come out. Not if but when.

    Given who appointed the Cardinal electors, i.e. Pope Benedict, it would going to another clone.

    Francis seems to have been picked because he can act like a normal human for whole days at a time.

  2. says

    Brian: About 1 billion Catholics. Thanks for asking.

    The reason we don’t shut up about him (which is implicit in your complaint) is that there are still millions upon millions of potentially rational human beings in thrall to him as the “leader” of his religious sect.

  3. machintelligence says

    a group that represents more than 80 percent of the 57,000 Catholic nuns in the United States, must change its ways,

    They are already having a problem recruiting priests, and now they want to alienate the nuns. The RCC in the US may end up with no employees.

  4. Beatrice (looking for a happy thought) says

    It’s not only US that has a problem with too little women wanting to become Catholic nuns. All the work, all the degradation, celibacy and no respect just don’t sound all that appealing to women any more. Damn, those feminists ruin everything!

    [Hello, Ophelia! I’ve been scarce around these parts lately.]

  5. says

    The Church is perfectly capable of compromise. Problem is, they already used up all their alloted compromise-points with the Nazis and the Latin-American juntas; so there aren’t any left for women or children.

    You may be wondering what on earth “radical feminist” means in that context. Well what does it ever mean?

    Maybe they’re thinking of Daenerys Targerian: a female head of state who actually cares about how ordinary wmen are treated, AND has air-power. A military junta run by someone like her would be a serious threat to their worldview.

  6. sailor1031 says

    “…..dashing hopes he might take a softer stand with the sisters.”

    Oh please!! Where on earth would even the most optimistic Micawber have gotten the idea that this pope is somehow more liberal, more tolerant, kinder, more approachable, more generous spirited,more….. than the last three incumbents? Just look at his record as an archbishop; it wasn’t, and isn’t, a secret (much as RCC would like it to be).

  7. great1american1satan says

    Hey, given his hate-on for feminism, why don’t the Mildew go catholic? It’s a perfect fit!

    They also talk smack about feminists being sex negative, but their body-shaming “humor” shows they’re pretty ill in that department as well. Think about it fellas! You could be morally consistent and everything! The tithe isn’t so expensive, and it pays the salary of the Antifeminist-on-High.

  8. haitied says

    #6, I heard so many people saying things like they hope the next pope is more liberal, I hope the next pope is Black, Hispanic, etc. There are a lot of deluded Catholics out there. Although I was holding some hope that they would elect a pope from Africa because it would illustrate the damage the Catholic church has done in that continent.
    As for the Sisters, I actually find myself proud of their efforts to force change into the rotting hearts of their hierarchs, even if they associate with one of the most disgusting organizations operating today. They see a problem and are aiming to fight and fix it. I wish them luck, and godspeed >.>

  9. deepak shetty says

    Does any thinking person give a rat’s a$$ what this clown thinks, says or does?
    No true scotsman“thinking person” hmm?
    Leaders of some political parties in some countries who base their policies on Vatican crap come to mind

  10. Johnny Vector says

    Gosh, this whole post is so… militant! and, and… vitriolic! And impolite.

    We need more of that.

  11. alai says

    I guess the mood music stopped with washing a few female feet in juvie hall. The RCC does like its “humility” in as grandiose and arrogant a fashion as it can manage, after all…

    Even granting (for a moment) the starting point of Catholic theology and canon law, I’ll start to consider the possibility that it has anything other than malevolent intent on gender issues when a pope is able to report he’s told his crack precedent pedants “don’t tell me what women can;t do in the Church, get back to me when you can tell me what more they can do.” Let them appoint some Cardinal Deaconesses, and work up from there.

  12. Karen Locke says

    He’s bound to be a jerk, just like his predecessors. If he really cares about the poor, and advocates for non-feminist social justice (i.e. that people should be fed and their health cared for, not that they should be free to have sex as they want it) he’ll still be a notch ahead of his predecessor. But I’m talking relatively here; an infinitely small positive number is still greater than zero.

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