1. Loqi says

    Everyone knows rapists are thwarted by a thin layer of material. Brilliant thought for the day: make rapists wear a sweater. They’ll never be able to rape again!

  2. yazikus says

    Frightening that that is the same imagery used in abstinence only sex ed. I’ve heard of chewing gum/ donut/ cupcake analogies (the chewing gum is passed around, the donut is licked, etc.). I for one am sick of woman being reduced to food for things/men to consume.

  3. Wowbagger, Designated Snarker says

    Why aren’t more Muslim men outraged about being compared to an insect?

  4. hypatiasdaughter says

    “Your creator knows better your good wellness”???
    “Your creator” don’t know much if he did such a piss-poor job of making men capable of living up to his moral standards.

  5. says

    I remember thinking as a child that if you covered yourself with a blanket in bed at night, the monsters wouldn’t get you. I don’t remember thinking that if you were uncovered and the monsters got you, you were asking for it.

    I’m also not a child anymore.

  6. Hamilton Jacobi says

    The double entendre for lollipop is already pretty well established. I don’t think it means what the creator of this image thinks it means.

  7. Brian E says

    Creepy alright. The whole men can’t control themselves, and women are responsible for what happens is creepy. There’s a imam in Sydney who compared blaming men who gang-raped women who went outside without begin covered head toe as equivalent to blaming cats for eating meat left out on the street. They don’t think much of men.

  8. bad Jim says

    Attire doesn’t seem to be a major risk factor for rape, but when have facts ever mattered to traditional prejudice?

  9. says


    I remember thinking as a child that if you covered yourself with a blanket in bed at night, the monsters wouldn’t get you.

    I remember doing that, too! I think, maybe, it’s because that belief — “if I hide, the monsters will go away” — offers a small bit of control over the scary shit that “lurks” in the Night. At least that’s how I felt about it.

    Trouble is, that doesn’t work with real-life monsters.

  10. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @9 Brian E. : You beat me to it.

    That was Sydney-based Sheik evil misognyist douchebag Taj Din al-Hilali :


    In the religious address on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

    “The uncovered meat is the problem.”

    The sheik then said: “If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”

    He said women were “weapons” used by “Satan” to control men.

    Source : The Australian online newspaper article, “Muslim leader blames women for sex attacks” by Richard Kerbaj, 2006 October 26th at 12:00AM.

    Hilali also made hateful anti-Semitic remarks among other things and left his position in 2007.

  11. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    Goodness, that is some weapons grade disrespect for both genders.

  12. says

    So.. women are candy, and men are flies? Flattering. :/

    But.. I want the wrapped one. But I’m not going to steal it from someone else because I’m not a goddamn insect.

    Also we know through actual facts that the point of this image is wrong. But hey, it would be true if women were candy and men were flies.

  13. ismenia says

    I take it that those who claim men are like flies also believe that women should be subordinate to men, which doesn’t really follow.

  14. says

    @yazikus — Fundamentalists, be they conservative Muslims or abstinence-only Christians, aren’t that different, it seems.

  15. left0ver1under says

    The “candy” analogy is disgusting. Once again, blame those who aren’t causing the problem.

    I’d make the analogy about vicious dogs needing to be leashed. They would attack passers by without provocation if they weren’t leashed, and the reason the dogs grew up to become vicious is their owners (i.e. muslims and their religion). Properly trained dogs are gentle, they don’t bite and they don’t need a leash.

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