All power to the fetus

News from Kansas.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a sweeping antiabortion omnibus bill into law, reaffirming the state’s current ban on abortion at 20 weeks (without exceptions for rape or serious fetal anomalies), blocking tax breaks for abortion providers, expanding “conscience protections” for anti-choice groups and writing into state law that life begins “at fertilization.”

Because it’s imperative to do what we can to make sure women remain enslaved by their own bodies.

…states like Arkansas and North Dakota have moved the bar for judging antiabortion legislation so far to the right that Kansas’ 20-week ban seems “modest” when compared to North Dakota’s six-weeks and Arkansas’ 12 weeks. But make no mistake: The Kansas law is equally dangerous for women, and still violates the accepted definition of fetal viability as defined by Roe v. Wade.

Because women are evil demons, so it’s urgent to give their early pregnancies more rights than they have, so that they can be punished for having the wrong kind of genitalia.

Particularly worrisome for reproductive health advocates is the new law’s language defining life “at fertilization.” Critics like National Organization for Women lobbyist Elise Higgins argue that anti-choice groups could use the language to legally threaten and intimidate abortion care providers.

Well that’s the whole point.


  1. stever says

    Didn’t anyone point out to the Arkansas legislature that they are granting full civil rights to certain (fortunately rare) cancers?

  2. lpetrich says

    Many anti-aboritonists seem to be fetus worshippers, and from the looks of it, this worship extends all the way back to fertilized egg cells.

  3. jimroberts says

    “life begins at fertilization” is obviously absurd. For that to be true, the sperm and the unfertilized egg would have to be dead, which is obviously not the case.
    The question is, whether the resulting zygote should have more rights than any of the vast number of other human and non-human cells which make up the body of which the zygote is a part; or indeed whether any collection of cells has rights greater than the body on which they depend. If a serious disease presents the choice between losing a leg and losing life, surely not even the most rabid [religion of your choice] would demand death, although the mass of human life thus destroyed is much greater than in any abortion.

  4. Amy Clare says

    Fetus fetishists = innocence fetishists, purity fetishists. For a lot of antichoicers the creation of an ‘innocent life’ is the only thing that makes sex acceptable.

    All different once it’s born though, bizarrely. I suspect it’s the same in the US, but here in the UK the people who want to restrict abortion are largely the same people who want to cut child benefit to any family with more than two children and are clamouring to reduce other welfare payments too. The amount of hate and disgust levelled at poor people who have large families can be mind boggling.

    And yet… gotta protect those fetuses! :/

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