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Katherine Stewart gave an amazing (and terrifying) talk this morning about the good news clubs and how they take over everything and trick small children into thinking they’re part of School.

I don’t have time to find it on this tragically slow notebook right now but I remember doing a long post on Stewart’s very long article on this subject when it came out a few years ago. If anybody would like to find it and post the link for us, that would be helpful. On the old B&W I think.

Hector Avalos did an amazing talk on religion and violence. Matt Dillahunty ditto on skepticism and atheism. Abby Hafer ditto on intelligent design and why it isn’t.


  1. yazikus says

    I watched the documentary about Good News Club (I think it was posted on Pharyngula) last weekend and was horrified. Those people know exactly what they are doing- there was one instance of the group being offered free rent in a better space across the street and the turned it down. I think it is criminal what they are doing.

  2. anastasia says

    Many atheist / humanist local groups are looking for an activity.

    How about they find out where Good News Clubs are operating in their area and offer an alternative ethics program for elementary school students that doesn’t include bible stories?

    Perhaps the American Humanist Association has or could develop the relevant materials.

  3. says

    Apparently there’s over 42,000 clubs worldwide that exist to promote “moral and character development.”.

    I was looking at a Flickr photo of a signpost on a derelict Belfast building, that had ‘Child Evangelism Fellowship’ changed to just…’Vandalism Fellowship.’ It’s apt with regards to, not only the building, but, most importantly the building of the minds of children.

    Katherine Stewart, Journalist, has had a book out since last year. The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children (2012).

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