1. says

    There was John Paul and now Jorge? Surely pope Ringo is on the way? 🙂

    The Vatican has just announced that there’s no Roman numeral after Francis.

    People are speculating as to why he is called Francis. The patron saint of Argentina, the founder of the Jesuits and Francis of Assisi, would be my guess as to why it was chosen. Regarding the latter, the pope is of Italian parentage.

  2. rikitiki says

    Posted this elsewhere –

    This is just a “New Coke / Old Coke” rebranding of the RCC – We love our third-world Catholics, see?!”
    I figure this new guy will die/be-quietly-killed within 1 -to- 2 years and then they’ll elect someone
    from Africa to cover all the bases towards Catholics/converts in the market area where they still
    have some influence.

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